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Can I Bleach My Hair Again Two Days Later?

Bleaching is a fantastic way to radically change your look and create a fusion of natural hair colors over time. After a session, you must give your cuticles and scalp time to recover. So, if you have bleached your hair recently, can you bleach your hair again after two days?

Let’s look at the science behind bleaching hair and what doctors recommend to wait before bleaching hair again to avoid overprocessing your hair.

Can I Bleach My Hair Again Two Days Later?

No, you should not bleach your hair again after two days.

Bleaching takes a toll on the bonds in your cuticles, your scalp, and the hydration level in your hair. That’s why you should not bleach again two days later unless you’ve never bleached before and use the right tools. Give your hair a recovery period of at least two weeks between sessions, especially if you already have prior hair damage.

Your hair is held together by several chemical bonds of hydrogen, salt, and disulfide. When your hair is healthy, these bonds keep your cuticles strong and resilient against falling out, breaking, and snapping.

When you bleach your hair, you weaken the chemicals in your hair and scalp, making yourself more susceptible to split ends and weak cuticles.

That’s why your hair must recover between sessions. Bleaching again after two days could cause serious damage.

However, if you use a low or mild oxidizer on your hair and you’ve never bleached before, you should be able to withstand bleaching again 48 hours later. Still, I recommend waiting at least two weeks between sessions to be on the safe side.

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How Long Should I Wait Before Bleaching Hair Again?

To maintain healthy hair, avoid bleaching your hair too often. I recommend not to bleach hair twice a week. Wait for at least 2-6 weeks before the next session, depending on your hair condition.

This waiting period allows your hair to rest, rehydrate, and recover from the effects of the first bleaching session. Before the second bleaching session, oil and condition your hair to keep it in better shape. This will prevent further hair damage or hair loss.

How Do I Make Hair Bleaching Safer?

how to bleach safely again after two days

Bleaching again two days later is only safe for people with “virgin” hair who have never undergone the procedure before. In addition, you need to use the right kind of bleach and developer to minimize the damage your hair takes.

To make bleaching after two days safer, start by using developers with low volumes of 10 percent or less. The lower the developer volume, the less hydrogen peroxide the product contains, damaging your hair less.

When it comes to bleach, consider using quality brands with organic ingredients. The stronger chemicals it contains, the less damage it will cause to your cuticles. Ammonia, in particular, is a substance worth avoiding if you can. However, know that weaker bleaches often take more time to use.

After bleaching once, treat your hair with care. Most bleaching kits come with a repair package that helps you recover your cuticle strength and shine. Follow the instructions closely and carefully to prepare for bleaching again.

Lastly, consider going to a salon for bleaching rather than doing it at home. Professionals know what your hair texture and strength can tolerate, picking the best products with the fewest drawbacks. A salon aesthetician will tell you whether it is safe to bleach again two days later.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can happen if I bleach too often?

Bleaching too often can cause scalp swelling, strand snapping, breakage, and sometimes permanent color loss. These symptoms can also appear if you use bleach or developer with too much hydrogen peroxide.

How can I tell if my hair is already damaged?

Brittleness, dryness, shedding, tangles, dull color, split ends, and rough texture are symptoms of damaged hair. If your hair is damaged before bleaching, you should wait at least two weeks before your second session to avoid further damage.

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