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Can I Flat Iron My Hair Immediately After Dyeing It? Why Not?

If you have an upcoming special event and want to look your best for it, you’re probably considering dyeing your hair. However, dyeing your hair is only half the challenge of achieving a great hairstyle. The other half has to do with getting the right hairstyle for the event.

Achieving the perfect hairstyle may leave you wondering, can you flat iron your hair after dyeing?

Whether or not it is safe to flat iron your hair after dyeing is important to understand the potential risks and benefits clearly.

Read on to learn why you shouldn’t heat style your hair immediately after dyeing it.

Can You Flat Iron Your Hair Immediately After Dyeing It?

You should not flat iron your hair immediately after dyeing it. Hair colorists recommend waiting at least 72 hours before using any heat-styling tools like a flat iron.

Now let’s discuss why you shouldn’t heat style your hair immediately after dyeing it. For the first 72 hours after dyeing your hair, your hair’s cuticles remain open; this 72-hour window is when your hair color is the most at risk of alteration.

To avoid hair color alteration, you should avoid activities that would cause the hair to change; this three-day rule of thumb includes shampooing, avoiding excessive sun exposure, and heat styling.

What Is Heat Styling?

heat styling

First, to know whether you should or not flat iron your hair after dyeing it, you should know precisely what heat styling is and how it affects your hair. Heat styling uses devices such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curlers to alter the shape of your hair.

Heat styling techniques require temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit or applied to the strands of your hair. This heat application allows the keratin in the hair’s cuticles to change from alpha-keratin (the hair’s natural structure) to beta-keratin, allowing you to reshape the hair’s natural form to the one you desire.

How Long to Wait Before Using Flat Iron On Hair After Dyeing It?

You should wait for at least 72 hours after dyeing before using any heat-styling tools like flat iron. It’s better to wait even more if you are not sure about your hair condition.

Hair dye makes your hair more porous. So your hair will be more vulnerable to damage. If you use flat iron too soon after dyeing, the color will fade quickly and result in uneven or patchy hair color. Your hair can become drier and can result in split ends and frizz.

Can You Flat Iron Hair Before Dyeing It?

Yes, you can flat iron hair before dyeing it.

Straightening your hair before dyeing can help distribute the color evenly and saturate each section thoroughly.

Always wait until the cuticle is closed before using a flat iron. Cuticles typically close within 15-20 minutes after applying the dye. This will help prevent color fading and ensure the longevity of your new hair color.

Overall, using a flat iron on your hair before dyeing can help achieve a vibrant, even color. However, using a flat iron the right way is crucial to avoid hair damage. Consult with your stylist and follow the necessary precautions for the best results.

How to Heat Style Dyed Hair Safely?

use heat protectant to heat style dyed hair

It’s also important to note that even after the 72-hour window, applying high heat to the strands of your hair will fade your hair color. Color fading due to heat styling is especially true of color-treated hair.

So it’s essential that if you like to heat style your hair often, you should use a good heat protectant product before and after to minimize the fading effects flat ironing will cause.

Now that you know if you can flat iron your hair following a dye, you can better prepare for that special event you’re planning or that trip to the salon. Avoid using heat on your newly dyed hair for 72 hours afterward.


Does heat damage colored hair?

It doesn’t matter whether your hair is colored or not; heat can damage it. Especially if you excessively style your hair using heat. Regular heat styling can damage the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle), making it more likely to lose moisture, become dry and brittle, and be more prone to breaking and split ends.

Can I flat iron my hair after a dye?

The general rule is to wait for at least 72 hours before styling your hair with any heating equipment because this window gives your hair’s cuticles enough time to close and lock in the hair color. However, some stylists will suggest waiting up to a week to be sure.

Can I protect my hair from damage from flat ironing?

Yes, fortunately, there are plenty of products available to help protect your hair from the damaging or color-fading effects of heat styling. However, it’s important to note that using these products as directed is essential to protect your hair effectively.