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Can I Get a Blunt Cut with Layers?

Both the blunt cut and layered cut are fashionable but can you get a blunt cut with layers? Layering a clean cut can result in a sleek and unique hairdo that is both stylish and adaptable.

But cutting the hair from the comfort of your home can be disastrous. So, visiting a salon can be the key to having a layered symmetrical cut to fit your face and hair type.

In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities of a blunt cut with layers and provide tips for achieving and maintaining this stylish look.

What Is a Blunt Cut?

blunt cut

A blunt cut is a hairstyle in which you chop the hair tips straight across, resulting in a clean and distinct edge.

Should you desire a sleek and polished appearance, this is the cut! And it works best on hair that is reasonably straight and free of natural texture.

Can I Have a Blunt Cut With Layers?

Can I Have Blunt Cut With Layers?

A classic blunt cut has no layers. But if you love the distinctive and expanded look, layers are for you! It is definitely possible to incorporate layers into your blunt cut.

While a blunt cut can create a chic and sophisticated look, adding layers can add depth and dimension to the style. And if your stylist cuts professionally, your healthy look will be worth the while.

Internal blunt-cut layers can also help to add volume and texture to hair while maintaining the exterior straight look. With layers, you can style and wear your hair in various ways.

In addition, the layered cut can be a great way to add interest and visual appeal to a simple haircut. Bulky hair edges can tone down your blunt cut.

So, your stylist can use texturizing sheers with fewer teeth but effectively add texture to your hair. Your hair stylist should use the sheers to soften your hair ends and at the end of your haircut.

Whether your hair is short, medium, or long, the sheers will remove weight and bulkiness from your hair.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Blunt Cut With Layers?

Every good thing usually has a downside. And a blunt cut with layers is no exception, so it requires high maintenance from an expert.

Again, not only does it need an expert, but you’ll also have to dedicate time to style it as desired and have it look fabulous! Failure to maintain your layered cut could cause the intended style to fade away.

What Type of Hair Is Best Suited for a Layered Blunt Cut?

A blunt cut with layers can work well on various hair types, but it may work well with medium to fine hair that is relatively straight or has only slight waves.

The cut layers can help to add volume and texture to your fine hair, while the layers can help to control and tame thicker hair.

What if I have thick hair? A Blunt cut may be attractive, but with bulky hair, it’ll just add more weight. Remember that the hair will be about mid-length, and heavy hair management can be an issue.

Tips for Having a Blunt Cut With Layers

Tips for Having a Blunt Cut With Layers

Below are a few tips for having a blunt cut with layers.

Begin With a Good Haircut

If you want to combine a haircut with layers, your stylist must give you a good haircut. This means being selective and finding a stylist who can understand your hair type and has experience dealing with blunt cuts and layers.

Identify the Right Length

Your hair length will determine the size of your layers and your target overall look. If you have shorter hair, keeping your layers closer to the top of your head will add volume and texture.

People have differing hair lengths, so should you have longer hair, you can add layers throughout your hair to create a more sophisticated and natural look.

Select a Suitable Layering Method

Cutting your hair is easy. But when it comes to a blunk cut with layers, an expert hairstylist could use various layering tactics to create a cut with layers.

The hairstylist could advise you to choose among famous alternatives, including feathering, point cutting, and feathering. Your stylist can help you select the proper technique for your hair type and how you want to look.

Style Your Hair

Now you should be having your blunt cut. But how do you wear your hair? The choice of hair styling will influence your overall look.

Your hair stylist can use volumizing products, texturizing sprays, curling, or straightening your hair. Try different styles and see what fits your hair and face.

Blunt Cut With Layers Ideas

1. Blunt Bob With Choppy Layers

short blunt haircut with layers

Choppy bobs/lobs are still trending. Their distinctive ‘choppy’ layers are cut unevenly into the short hair resulting in jagged ends and blunt proportions.

They are a suitable option for the ones who prefer a ‘messy yet sexy’ look while adding some movement to a lifeless blunt haircut.

2. Medium Hair With Front Layers

medium length blunt cut with layers

Keep it minimal when getting a blunt cut with layers by asking the hairstylist for forward graduation.

This means cutting the layers at the front to accent the face only keeping the remaining tresses perfectly straight. A good blowout will bring out the true beauty of your new chop.

3. Long Blunt Haircut With Wispy Layers

Long Blunt Haircut With Layers

While choppy layers on blunt haircut are perfect to spice up thick tresses, wispy layers work wonders with a thin mane, especially when a soft flowy look is an ultimate objective.

The result will be tapered feathery ends that blend together seamlessly while adding dimension to a blunt haircut.

4. Blunt Cut With Point Cut Layers

blunt cut with point cut layers

Point cutting is a true lifesaver for those who wish for a blunt cut but without its characteristic flat look.

The layering is focussed on the tips only that are texturized by snipping in a vertical direction keeping the cutting tool in line with the strands. The bulkiness is removed without any further reduction in length.  

5. Blunt Curls With Round Layers

Shoulder Length Blunt Cut With Layers

Things might need to be done a little differently when it comes to curls. A curly mane cut simply straight across the ends might appear overly heavy lacking life and movement.

Make those natural coils bounce by mixing long and short layers while maintaining a blunt rounded shape around the face.

6. Long Blunt Cut With Face Framing Layers

long blunt cut with face framing layers

Curtain bangs are another option to soften a blunt haircut. They can be of any length with the strands elongating gradually towards the outside while framing the face.

Couple them with front layers or add texture near the ends only to maintain more of a straight look.

7. Pin Straight Blunt Cut With Subtle Layers

Pin Straight Blunt Cut With Subtle Layers

Lastly, a blunt cut with soft layers is all you need to lighten down the bulkiness of your pin-straight tresses.

The shortest strands appear midway and continue falling seamlessly over the longer ones while the clean-cut tips are perfectly in line with one another at the bottom end.

So, Can You Have a Blunt Cut With Layers?

Yes, you can have a blunt cut with layers. Not all hair types work well with this cut, but thin hair transforms significantly. All you need to do is visit your salon every 4 to 6 weeks and keep your hair looking fresh!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do layers make my hair look thicker?

Yes! Blunt cuts make the hair look fuller and weighty. And then the thick look comes from the clean-cut edge at the hair tips.

Is a blunt cut better for thin hair?

Yes, a blunt cut is ideal for thin hair as it adds volume, making it look great. The idea is to cut a clean line at the edge of your thin hair.

What does a blunt haircut look like?

Simply, a blunt cut is hair lacking layers. It’s a clean straight cut that gives perfect symmetrical hair edges.

Does a blunt cut make hair look thicker?

Yes, your thin hair will look fuller with a blunt haircut. The straight-line edges make your hair looker thicker and healthier.

Is a blunt cut easy to maintain?

Somewhat. Your new blunt cut will be an effortless maintaining hairstyle. It’s not expensive, but you’ll need to visit your salon about every month to maintain its look. Otherwise, it’ll fade.

How long will my blunt cut last?

Your blunt cut should last 4-6 weeks before you seek your salon’s services. Retouching means that you’ll maintain the crisp-cut look.