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Can You Get Rid of Part in Hair?

The way your hair parts plays a significant role in determining the hairstyle that suits you best. Eliminating the part in your hair can instantly transform your appearance. But how to get rid of part in hair is something that everyone struggles with.

You don’t have to go to a salon to get rid of your hair part. You can do it at home following a few easy steps. However, when removing the hair part, consider the style you want, the hair’s texture, and the look you’re going for.

Can I Get Rid of Hair Parting?

Yes, you can get rid of part in the hair. Start by finding your natural part. You can find the natural part by washing your hair first and then drying it.

Once it’s dry, comb the hair backward, then push it towards your face with your hand. Doing this will split the hair allowing you to see your natural part.

You can get rid of the natural part in your hair by pinning it at the point where you want it to part. You want the hair slightly damp, so it’s easier to manipulate.

What Causes a Back Part and Middle Part in Your Hair?

Middle parts are quite common, and the hair’s growth pattern usually causes them. A back hair part is noticeable once you go natural, and one of the main causes is a cowlick.

A cowlick is a hair part that grows at an odd angle to the rest of the hair. Genetic factors may cause a cowlick. Other causes of the back and middle part of your hair are:

  • Styling
  • Breakage of hair
  • Scalp issues


Using the same style constantly structures your hair to part in a specific way. This constant styling can cause the hair to part in the middle or back, even if you don’t have a cowlick.

Repetitive styling is something almost everyone does because we all have our favorite hairstyles. But over time, using the same style can lead to hair parting issues.

Breakage of the Hair

Hair breakage at the back or middle of your head can cause your hair to part or lie differently. Breakage of hair can occur due to the following:

  • The use of harsh chemicals or hair products that don’t agree with your hair
  • Neglecting your hair
  • Putting a lot of tension in the hair, such as using buns

Scalp Issues

Dandruff and other scalp issues can cause a middle or back hair part. If there is any scalp issue causing itching or hair thinning, you may begin to notice parting in your hair.

How to Get Rid of Natural Hair Parting

Here are 3 ways to get rid of hair parting for women.

Ponytail Styling

sleek ponytail to get rid of hair part

One method of eliminating part in your hair is styling it in a sleek ponytail. You can comb your hair backward after you have washed and dried it. Tie it up in a ponytail to eliminate any parting in the hair.

Using Your Fingers

You can easily get rid of part in hair using your fingers. Use your hands to tussle your hair, especially after you have showered and it still has moisture in it. Depending on your natural part, your hair will likely fall to one side with more volume than the other.

Flip the hair to the opposite side of the natural part. This will likely create a side part but get rid of the natural part. Doing this with your fingers is easy and less time-consuming.

Using a Paddle Brush

using paddle brush to get rid of hair part

Use a paddle brush to mainly get rid of a cowlick or part in the back of your head. First, put some water on the back part of your head if you don’t have enough time to wash your whole head. Then, use a paddle brush after the hair is a bit dry.

The hair should not be completely dry, as moisture makes eliminating part much easier. If you have a cowlick, brush your hair in the opposite direction. You can do this to create a middle or side part.

You can create a casual carefree style by using the paddle brush to eliminate the part in your hair and let it fall. One section may be more voluminous than the other. But such a look is ideal if you are going for a relaxed look.

You need to be consistent when eliminating or creating a new part in your hair. For instance, try styling the same way before you sleep or after waking up. Use a rattail comb if you don’t have a paddle brush. Towel-dried hair is much easier to work with when getting rid of the part in hair.