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Can I Use Conditioner to Wash Off Hair Dye?

Dyeing your hair is an exciting experience, especially if you do it at home. However, dyeing hair at home often involves a lot of questions about how to properly dye your hair without minimizing the effects of the dye or causing damage to your hair.

You may ask, should you use conditioner to wash off hair dye? Conditioner is an essential product for maintaining your hair health when using hair dye. Read on to learn more about using conditioner to wash out hair dye.

Should You Rinse Out Hair Dye With Conditioner?

Yes! A conditioner is a good idea when rinsing out both permanent and semi-permanent hair dye. Since the chemicals in hair dye can lead to dehydration and breakage, rinsing dye with a moisturizing conditioner is essential to nourishing and restoring your hair.

Most dye sets you get from the store include a post-dye rinse treatment. These treatments are usually moisturizing conditioners that instantly rejuvenate your hair after applying the dye chemicals.

If your box dye set doesn’t have a conditioner, or you don’t want to use it, you can rinse your dye out with any hair conditioner you wish.

Unless the conditioner functions as a cleansing product, it shouldn’t have any ingredients that remove dye from your hair.

Preserving your hair color is a particularly big concern if you are using semi-permanent dye, which only coats the outside of your hair and can easily fade with clarifying products. A normal conditioner will supply your hair with hydration and nutrients without stripping away any color.

Can You Use Conditioner After Permanent Hair Dye?

Can You Use Conditioner After Permanent Hair Dye?

You should use conditioner after applying permanent hair dye. Permanent hair dye permeates your hair shaft, chemically changing your hair and depositing a significant amount of pigment. As a result, your dyed hair is quite vulnerable and needs extra nourishment.

Rinsing out the dye with a conditioner will get your color-treated hair off to the right start, providing your hair with moisturizing ingredients and enriching proteins that will stop your hair from becoming dried out from the bleach and dyes.

If you want to use permanent hair dye, plan on investing in a quality conditioner that’s formulated for color-treated hair. You will need to regularly use deep conditioning treatments to protect your hair from frizz and breakage.

Should You Use Shampoo to Wash Off Hair Dye?

Using Shampoo to Wash Off Hair Dye

Whether or not you should use shampoo to wash off hair dye depends on the kind of dye you use. A common concern for folks who dye their hair is that shampoo will cause the color to fade.

You can determine the risk level for hair dye fading based on how permanent the dye is. As a general rule, the stronger the dye, the less risky it is to use shampoo.

If you are using permanent dye, feel free to use as much shampoo as you like. Since permanent dye deposits pigment underneath the hair shaft, it is unlikely that shampoo will cause the color to fade.

However, you should never use shampoo for rinsing out semi-permanent dye. Semi-permanent dye only coats the outer layer of your hair, and every wash with shampoo will gradually fade the color.

Using shampoo to rinse out semi-permanent dye means that you will start with a hair color that is already partially faded.

How to Use Conditioner to Wash Off Hair Dye Safely

Here’s a brief guide on using conditioner to safely wash off hair dye:

  • Rinse your hair. After dyeing, use lukewarm water to rinse your hair until the water runs mostly clear.
  • Apply conditioner. Grab a generous amount of conditioner and apply it all over your hair, focusing on the lengths and ends.
  • Leave it on. Let the conditioner sit on your hair for 2-5 minutes. It helps to further remove the dye and moisturize your hair.
  • Rinse out the conditioner. After waiting, rinse your hair thoroughly. You’ll notice the water might have some color; this is normal.
  • Repeat if needed. If the water is still very colored after the first application, apply conditioner again and rinse.
  • Dry your hair. Once you’ve rinsed out all the conditioner, gently towel-dry your hair and style as you prefer.


Simply put, using a quality conditioner is an essential step in the hair dyeing process. Using a hair conditioner immediately after dyeing your hair will preemptively protect your hair from chemical damage and prevent dry, brittle hair.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about shampoo stripping color from your hair, conditioner is an excellent rinsing and gentle cleansing alternative.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about using conditioner to wash off hair dye.

How long should I wait to condition my hair after dyeing it?

You can use hair conditioner immediately after dyeing your hair. Using hair conditioner after dyeing your hair is recommended for both semi-permanent and permanent hair dye.

Does conditioner fade hair color?

Conditioner will not cause hair dye to fade. Although some conditioners contain a small portion of sulfates, no conditioner will have enough cleansing ingredients to strip pigment away from hair.