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Can I Use Purple Over Bleached Yellow Hair?

When you bleach your hair, you risk it turning brassy or even yellow. Unless you like yellow, this probably isn’t the color you want. But can you put purple over bleached yellow hair? Keep reading to find out if you can and things you should know about purple and yellow bleached hair.

Can You Use Purple Dye and Toner Over Bleached Yellow Hair?

Yes, you can use purple dye and purple toner over bleached yellow hair! Purple naturally helps cancel out any vibrant yellow shades.

Most hair stylists will use a purple toner over bleached yellow hair to bring out the cool, blonde tones rather than the warm yellow tones.

You can also use purple hair dye over bleached yellow hair if you want a fun color in your hair, but it might not take as well to white bleached hair. If you’re bleaching your hair at home, you can even use a high-quality purple shampoo when you shower to help cut down on the brassy yellow tones.

If you are going to use purple dye or toner, you’ll want to make sure your hair is healthy enough after bleaching to do so. You’ll be able to tell if your hair is too damaged by looking at and feeling it.

Things To Consider Beforehand

Things To Consider Before Dyeing Purple Over Bleached Yellow Hair

If you’re thinking about using purple dye over your bleached yellow hair, there are a few things you’ll want to think about before you go through with the process.

The Hue of Yellow

When you bleach your hair, it’s not always going to be the same hue of yellow as everyone else’s. You’ll want to assess how yellow the hair is before adding purple dye or toner. The lighter yellow it is, the more that the dye will take to your yellow hair.

The darker the yellow, the longer you’ll need to let the dye or toner sit on your hair longer to get the color you’re looking for. If you’re not sure which purple dye or toner to get for your hair, it’s best to speak with a professional at a hair supply store or hair stylist to help you make the right decision for your hair.

Your Hair’s Health

Before using purple dye or purple toner over your bleached yellow hair, the health of your hair is vital. Since purple will cancel out any brassy yellow tones, it will also seep into your hair follicles that are damaged from the bleaching process.

If your hair is fried from the bleaching process, you must wait a few days to weeks before attempting to put purple on your hair. Adding purple toner or dye to your bleached hair when it’s still very damaged from the bleach will only further damage your hair and potentially cause it to fall out or break off.

Some experts say that if your hair doesn’t feel or look healthy, you should wait at least four weeks before dying or toning your hair.

A sign that your hair isn’t strong enough to tolerate purple is that it’s breaking off during the bleaching process or falling out in clumps when washing, brushing or touching it.

What Other Colors Cover Yellow Hair?

Colors to Cover Bleached Yellow Hair

Blue is another color that covers yellow hair well. The indigo undertones will lift the brassiness of the yellow. If you’re looking to achieve total blue coverage, it’s best to choose a blue with purple undertones to avoid your hair looking green.

Dark hair colors will also effectively cover yellow hair. Dark brown, black, or even cherry red will conceal the yellow hues and give you a more natural look.

Once you bleach your hair, it’s prone to taking on a yellow hue. If you don’t want yellow hair, adding purple dye to get a beautiful purple hair color or purple toner can help change that yellow hair to something beautiful. You can use purple on bleached yellow hair to tone down the brassy color or to achieve a purple hair color overall.


Check out what other people are asking about dying over bleached yellow hair.

What color cancels out yellow tones?

Blues, violets, and purple hues will help cancel out yellow tones in hair and other aspects of life.

Will purple shampoo work on yellow-bleached hair?

Using purple shampoo on yellow bleached hair will help to mute the brassy yellow tones, but it won’t work to fully dye the hair purple. It can be beneficial to use after toning bleached yellow hair but not for completely dying the hair.

How long after bleaching can I use purple toner on yellow-blonde hair?

If you’re using a toner, it’s best to go ahead and tone your hair right after you bleach the hair and rinse it out. Now, if you’re planning on using a purple hair color, you should wait a week or two to ensure you’re not further damaging your hair after bleaching it.

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