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Can I Wash My Hair Immediately After Coloring It?

Hair coloring has become common nowadays as people keep up with emerging hair trends. Adding color to your hair can make it appear thicker, boosting your self-esteem. Additionally, hair dye can improve your hair’s texture.

But making it last isn’t as easy. There are some protocols for maintaining and washing your color-treated hair otherwise, your dye can bleed out.

So, can you wash your hair just after dyeing it? Here is what you should know about washing hair immediately after coloring or bleaching.

Can I Wash My Hair Immediately After Coloring It?

No. After dyeing your hair, give it at least 72 hours to allow the color to set in.

Surprisingly, the hair coloring process doesn’t stop once you wash the dye out of your hair. When you dye your hair, cuticles usually lift during the process.

Washing hair immediately after dyeing and toning makes the dye bleed out before it sets in fully. As a result, it would be best to give your hair some time to allow the cuticles to close and absorb the color.

Why Do Hairdressers Wash Your Hair After Dyeing It?

Post-coloring washing is essential since it helps remove excess dye from hair. Moreover, it distributes the dye and makes your hair look natural.

How To Wash Your Hair After Coloring It

After dyeing your hair, you should give it time for the dye to settle and get absorbed. Let’s look at how to wash your hair after coloring it to ensure it looks good until your next salon appointment.

Use Cold Water

When washing dyed hair, use cold water. Hot water opens your hair cuticles, and the dye may leach out, making your hair look dull.

Conversely, cold water aids in sealing the cuticles allowing your hair to absorb the color fully. Use a shower cap to protect your hair if you like hot showers.

Use the Right Shampoo

How To Wash Your Hair After Coloring It

Dyed hair is sensitive compared to natural hair. This means you should change the products you use on your hair, including the shampoo.

To maintain your hair color, avoid drugstore shampoos. Although these products thoroughly clean your hair and scalp, they contain synthetic ingredients such as sulfate, silicone, and parabens, which can strip off your hair color. Instead, look for hair shampoo meant for dyed hair.

Besides protecting the hair color from fading, shampoos meant for color-treated hair can repair damaged hair cuticles. The colored hair shampoos also create a protective barrier on your hair strands, making it appear shiny.

This can be a huge plus if you’ve dyed your hair with warm burgundy, spicy red, or any highly pigmented color.

Another product you can use on your hair is dry shampoo. For best results, apply it on the roots of your hair. This way, the shampoo will absorb excess sebum reducing the rate at which your hair gets dirty. 

Additionally, consider using the shampoo at least once a week.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Regularly

Once you dye your hair, you may need to change how often you wash it. On average, you should wash dyed hair once a week. Washing your hair too frequently makes the color fade.

Things To Avoid After Dying Your Hair

Things To Avoid After Dying Your Hair

What should you avoid after dyeing your hair for the color to last?

Rough Drying

After washing your hair, avoid rubbing it with a towel. Instead, pat it gently to remove the excess water. You can also wrap a towel on your head and let it absorb moisture. 

Repeat the process with another clean and dry towel until your hair becomes completely dry.


Chlorine is a common bleaching agent, and it can damage colored hair. It can turn blonde hair green, whereas dark-colored hair may lose its shine.

As a result, you should avoid swimming in pools with chlorinated water.


Hair dye contains many chemicals. Exposing your hair to more chemicals only damages it, making it appear dull. 

For instance, avoid using alcohol-based sprays when blow-drying dyed hair since the color may fade quickly.  

The Sun

The sun’s UV rays can remove hair color. To avoid such issues, limit the time you spend under the sun. 

You can also apply hair sunscreen to your hair for extra protection. Or wear a hat if you don’t have hair sunscreen.

Heat Styling Products

Colored hair is sensitive to heat. Therefore, regularly using heat-styling tools such as straighteners can damage your hair. Protect your hair with a heat protectant spray if you must use a straightener.

Final Words

After several years of the same beauty routine, dyeing your hair can offer you a refreshing change.

If you want to extend the life of your dyed hair, avoid immediately washing hair after bleaching and toning. Also, change your hair care routine for the color to last.