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Can You Dye Violet Over Green Hair?

The hair color you choose can reveal a lot about who you are and the image you want to project. When it’s time to get rid of your color, you might need some research to do to keep your hair damage free.

You dared to dye your hair green and now want to get a unique color like violet. But can you dye violet over green hair?

Find the answer to this question below and other factors to consider in this scenario. We’ll close things out with answers to frequently asked questions about green hair, violet dye, and how they interact.

Can I Dye Violet Over Green Hair?

Yes, you can dye green hair using purple color.

In most instances, green hair absorbs other colors well. While you may have to strip or bleach it before going blonde or trying to get a pastel color, bright dyes will cover green hair.

That’s good news because green hair dye is notoriously challenging to remove from hair. That’s something to keep in mind before going green in the first place.

Things to Consider

As always, there are exceptions to the rule and mitigating circumstances. Let’s take a look.

Try a Small Section

Rather than applying the purple hair dye to your head and hoping for the best, use a little bit on a small section of your hair. It should be green but as inconspicuous as possible. That way, if things go wrong, you haven’t wrecked your entire head of hair.

Shades of Violet, Shades of Green

things to consider when dyeing purple over green hair - shades

Your success in this hair color endeavor may depend mainly on how dark your green color looks now and the vibrancy of the violet you want to achieve.

If you want to cover a dark green or neon color with light violet or even a lavender color, it probably won’t work. On the other hand, if your green isn’t too bright and the purple is, you’re all set. You can prevent a crisis of color by trying a small section, as we mentioned above.

How Healthy Is Your Hair?

You must also consider the health of your hair currently. Many things can damage hair, including applying too much heat and using the wrong products. Frequent dying will also wreak havoc on hair health.

Make an overall assessment of your hair. Maybe now is a better time to let it rest and recuperate rather than try to go with another bold color. Cut and condition it a few times over the coming weeks, and then revisit the idea.

Why Is Your Hair Green?

things to consider when dyeing purple over green hair - reason why hair turned green

Along with your hair health, you must identify why your hair is green. There are other reasons why your hair might be green other than dyeing it.

Sometimes hair turns a greenish shade from damage. While we think of chlorine damage, it occurs more commonly from repeatedly dying and treating your hair.

If that’s the case, your hair may react adversely to any dye, including purple. We advise visiting the salon and letting a professional give their opinion.

If you’ve previously dyed it green, then you can follow all of the advice in this article.

Go Violet and Rock Your Locks

However you decide to get there, violet hair certainly makes a statement. Get your green hair safely to purple, and enjoy rocking your new look!


What other hair colors take violet dye?

Almost all hair colors will take purple hair dye, especially natural colors. Dark-haired individuals may have to lighten their strands first or simply opt for a lighter purple shade.
If you have red hair, purple dye will turn it reddish-purple. It’s pretty (sometimes even metallic-looking if your hair is shiny enough), but if you want true purple, add a little bit of blue dye, which will compensate.

What other colors will cover green hair?

Most bright colors will cover green hair. This includes bright blue, pink, and other colors in addition to purple.
Dark colors will also do the trick. If you want a more natural look, go for black, dark brown, or even dark red to cover your green hair.

Will purple shampoo work on green hair?

Unfortunately, purple shampoo will more than likely not affect green hair. This is particularly true if you have a dark green hue on your head.
There might be an exception if your hair is green from damage. Even still, it depends on your hair’s natural color and texture.

How can you dye green hair blonde?

To dye green hair blonde or another light color, you’ll need to bleach it first. Depending on the shade of green, you may have to bleach it more than once.
Bleaching uses an oxidizing agent to strip color from your hair. Many dyes already have a bleaching agent in them since it’s impossible to dye your hair lighter without using one. Still, it can cause much damage, so proceed with caution.

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