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Can You Put Black Hair Dye Over Blue Hair?

Have you been coloring your hair blue for a while but feel like it’s time to get back to your tried and true black hair? If you’ve been thinking of dying your hair back to black for a while, here is your sign to go ahead and go to the dark side!

We’re here to tell you why black hair dye is the perfect next step after blue hair dye, how to color your hair from blue to black at home, and other important facts about dying your hair black after blue!

Can I Put Black Hair Dye Over Blue Hair?

Yes, you can put black hair dye over blue hair. Black is one of the few colors capable of fully covering blue hair due to its dark pigmentation. It’s worth noting that many black hair dyes come with a blue base. Since your hair already has a blue base, you should select a black dye with a neutral or warm base.

Why Do We Love Black Hair After Having Blue Hair?

black hair dye over blue

First of all, black is one of the only hair colors that is going to fully cover your blue hair. Because it’s so dark, it’s able to make the blue go away for good.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing your black hair dye is that a lot (and we mean most) of black hair dye comes with a blue base. Blue-black is very popular but you are one step ahead because you already have that blue base ready to go. Choose a black hair dye that has a neutral base or a warm base (usually a warm base will contain red).

We also love using a black hair dye after blue because black hair dye is going to use a low developer (less ammonia) and be gentler on the hair, this is because you are only depositing color (aka no lift required). This will keep your hair healthy and after having blue hair which usually requires plenty of bleach and frequent coloring, your hair will thank you!

How to Color Your Blue Hair Black at Home

Steps to Color Your Blue Hair Black at Home

Step #1: Choose the right shade of black. Remember to make sure you’re getting a neutral or warm base black and not a blue-black! You already have the blue base.

Step #2: Section your hair into four quadrants, using clips to keep the sections in place. Black hair color is very messy, be sure to section out the hair before you get started to keep things nice and neat! Use a barrier cream like Aquaphor around your hairline so your skin doesn’t stain!

Step # 3: Mix up your hair color. Mix your chosen shade of black with the developer. It’s usually a 1:1 ratio but we love to use a scale to get the perfect proportions.

Step #4: Using a color brush, apply the color starting in one of the back quadrants. After you are done applying the color to one quadrant, use a gloved hand to emulsify the color into the hair, making sure the hair is saturated and the blue will be fully covered.

Step #5: Process the hair for the manufacturer’s recommended processing time. Usually about 30 minutes! Don’t rinse too soon! The blue needs time to fully cover.

Step #6: Rinse out the black hair color. Be careful, black hair color is very messy so take your time rinsing, shampoo and condition.

Step #7: Blow dry and style as usual. Once dry you’ll see the blue is gone and you’re now raven-haired!

Things to Consider When Dying Your Hair From Blue to Black

Black is a commitment you need to take for at least a year. You are putting black over previously bleached and colored blue hair. You won’t be going from black to blonde anytime soon, so make sure you want black hair! We love to see a year-long commitment!

You may have some fading the first time you color your hair from blue to black. The blue may peek back through shortly after coloring it black for the first time. This is normal. After coloring the hair black a second time, you should have much less fading and can go months before coloring again.

After coloring hair from blue to black, color shampoo and heat protectant will be your best friends. Take good care of your newly black hair to maintain its shine and depth.

Key Things to Remember

  • Black hair dye after dying your hair blue is a beautiful and easy transition
  • You can color your hair from blue to black easily at home, just be careful of the mess!
  • Black hair color is a commitment, you will not be blonde next month.
  • Have fun you black-haired beauty queen! You can rock any color!

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