30 Caramel, Violet & Cinnamon Brown Hair Color Ideas

#11: Blonde and Brown Hair Color with Fishtail Plaits

Hair Color with Fishtail Plaits hairstyle

A Fishtail plait looks especially textured if your hair has lots of highlights and lowlights. Blonde highlights layered over a brown hair color base is an amazing choice for any plaited hairstyle. The differences in color really help the plaits to stand out.


#12: Beautiful Beach Hair


For beautiful beach hair, add a few light caramel or blonde streaks. If you go out in the sun a lot, your hair may even be bleached by the sun! A little lemon juice on your locks is said to help this process along. Boho waves complete the beautiful beach look.


#13: Short Curly Bob

best Short Curly Bob hairstyle you like

A bob hairstyle like this one looks great whatever hair color that you choose. To give the look an ultra-modern twist, make sure that your hair is longer towards your chin than at the back of my head. This sloped style looks seriously hot.


#14: Light Brown and Blonde with Loose Curls


Mixing blonde and light brown hair colors is an amazing way to add depth and texture to your style. Light brown and blonde complement each other rather than contrasting each other. They create a perfect thick mossy look that you will want to run your fingers through all day.


#15: Ombre Styling


In this take on the Ombre look, the brown hair color is more intense at the top of the style whilst it slowly becomes more blonde in color as it moves downwards. This is a light and refreshing look.