41 Wonderful Cats with Cute and Adorable Haircuts

6. Tail grooming

Beautiful hair for cat

Cutting the tail fur is one of the most complicated cat haircuts since the felines really don’t like it when you touch their tails. However, furry cats have trouble keeping their tails clean and might require your help.


7. Frilled front

A short-haired cat can benefit from a frilled front hairstyle. It involves shaping the hair on its chest into a circular form. Some owners play around with various shapes, including the heart.


8. Ear trim

Cats often have hairy ears, which don’t match their overall silky appearance. If you want to get the hair on the ears cut, you might need to sedate the animal. Don’t touch the hair inside the ears as it may affect the animal’s hearing.


9. Natural look

Natural cat haircut look

Kittens don’t usually have a fur problem so the only reason you might want to cut their hair is if they have a problem. Hygienic and belly cuts are allowed for the kittens but in most cases, they should stay natural.


10. Styling

Don’t be upset over being unable to give a cat haircut to your kitten. You can do some styling instead. Ask a groomer about hair products you can use on your cat to create fashionable hairstyles.