41 Wonderful Cats with Cute and Adorable Haircuts

11. Dragon style

 Dragon style cat hair

This is an interesting mix of lion and dragon styles. You can create such cat hairstyle if your animal has long enough fur. Make sure you go for this choice only when it’s hot outside so your cat doesn’t freeze.


12. The real lion

This real lion hairstyle is a wonderful choice for owners who want their cat to make an impression. Pay attention to the paws and the tails as they complete the image. Keep the cat as warm as possible.


13. Grey lion

The furrier the cat is, the more amazing a lion hairstyle can look on it. Enjoy the way your cat sports the new style. When creating a mane, keep some fur on the cat’s neck and down the back for a more voluminous look.


14. Time for a cut

Extremely furry cats suffer from hairballs and lack of grooming. They are just not flexible enough to get all the grooming done on the regular basis. If your cat looks like this, it’s asking for a haircut.


15. Sleek buddy

Feline with short hair will be unhappy with almost any cat haircut you offer them. So if you can’t wait to do something about your cat’s fur, you can consider a belly cut. Short-haired animals should be left alone for the most part.