41 Wonderful Cats with Cute and Adorable Haircuts

16. Black panther

cat Black panther look

If your pet is black and you want to make it look like a sleek black panther, you need to give its fur some trim. Ask the groomer if it’s possible to take about 1/8 to ¼ of an inch from the fur to make it look smoother.


17. Enhanced pattern

If your cat has an interesting fur pattern you can outline it by trimming the fur along the pattern lines. In this example, you can see how the white fur is slightly trimmer to outline the gray and black pattern.


18. Lower body


Most of the time older cats have trouble reaching their lower bodies for trimming. That’s why you might want to consider giving your old pet a cat haircut that will make the self-grooming easier.


19. Pedigree cat

Pedigree cat

If you are lucky enough to become an owner of a short-haired pedigree cat, there is no need to tamper with the fur. You can cut away an occasional stray hair or deal with some fur knots but leave the fur alone.


20. Sphynx cat

If you are not a fan of cutting the cat’s hair or have allergies, you might want to consider a Sphynx cat. These felines won’t have you worrying about the cat haircuts. Just make sure to keep them warm.


cat haircuts





cute haircuts for cat





cat haircut






haircuts for cats





cat's hairstyles




cat haircuts


Cat haircuts are complicated. They can be very exciting for the owner and useful for the cats. However, most of the time, a cat can do without this type of styling. Think twice about offering your cat a new hairstyle.