12 Epic Cherry, Brownish & Chocolate Color Shades on Red Hair

Cherry, brownish and chocolate color shades applied to red hair look truly stunning. The mix of red and brown doesn’t just look rich, it appears natural. While many women opt for some shade of blonde, they forget about the priceless result than can be achieved by darker colors. Since most of the world’s population sports dark hair, it seems obvious that the darker shades should prevail. However, women often opt for something they believe is more striking and miss the opportunity to look smashing with their own natural hair. Knowing how to work with various shades of red and brown can help you creating a magnificent appearance.


Cherry, Chocolate, and Brownish Color Shades on Red Hair and Beyond

While red hair color is usually the hardest to maintain, the brown is the easiest. Mixing cherry color shades with red and brown is a great way to minimize the hair care and to reduce the frequency of the barber shop appointments. If you dye the hair on your own, you still want to keep the damage to a minimum. Chocolate and brownish color shades can do a great job keeping the hair looking fabulous with the extra damage.


Best Shades to Go with Red Hair

Whether you have natural red hair or want to add some redness to your style, you can do it with a mix of colors. Going full red is a tough decision which can be a wrong one for many women who are against regular touch ups. Meanwhile, red hair with cherry color shades or chocolate undertones might be a wonderful idea. You can kill two birds with one stone by adding some brownish color shades to your red locks.

red hair

Since flaming red hair is almost impossible to keep intact long, many women tend to rethink their wishes. Darker red hair is easier to deal with. It looks more natural and doesn’t require extra dyeing every month. You can make your red hair a little darker by mixing in chocolate color shades. You don’t have to go for outright highlights, but you can consider an ombre. A few partial and subtle highlights can significantly improve your red hair color.


1. Ombre


Red hair can look great with both brown and blonde strands. Consider this three-level ombre that has naturally dark brown hair on top, auburn red hair in the middle and blonde locks on the bottom. The lighter part of the hair looks like flames.


2. Red rose and dark burgundy

dark burgundy hairstyle for girl

Red hair ombre is one of the most stunning things you can do with your hair. The mix of dark red colors can make you stand out of the crowd. Consider lighter rose hues on top and cherry color shades on the bottom.

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3. Red copper with brown touch


Copper hair color is the latest hit. However, copper hair dye is the first to wash out. By giving your red hair a touch of brownish color shade, you are allowing yourself to reduce the worrying about touch-ups.


4. Auburn and cherry

cherry brown hairstyle for girl

Auburn and cherry highlights look stunning when coupled with naturally dark hair. When you first take a look at this mix, it seems amazingly natural yet it catches the eye with something striking. The secret is in the color mix.


5. Just brown


Brownish color shades look impressive on their own. If you are into naturally looking hairstyles and don’t want to bother with some special dyeing, brown hair color is the winning number. You can add a few touches of red later on.

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