35 Brilliant Chocolate or Medium Brown Hair Color Ideas for Women

Chocolate and Brown, two emerging hair color trends for women. Many women are coloring their hair with chocolate and brown to get a unique hairstyle. The famous misconception about the richness and the lack of uniqueness of brown color is a thing of the past. Nowadays, girls are taking advantage of various shades of brown, including the medium and chocolate hues. The brown color can look truly fantastic. All depends on your natural locks, the coloring technique, and the shade mix. Don’t miss out on these amazing colors. Enjoy them in full!


Popular Chocolate Brown Hairstyles for Real Fashionistas

Taking advantage of medium and chocolate brown hairstyles is something not every girl can do. The richness of the chocolate hues and the brightness of the medium brown shade can give your facial features the much-needed outline. Meanwhile, the brown colors look extremely natural and can save you from frequent touch ups when your dark roots start to show. Brown shades are popular among women who want to hide their silver hair and girls who are looking for something not too extravagant. Chocolate and medium brown are exactly what you need for a subtle style change.


1. Sun-kissed brown locks

Asian girl medium and chocolate brown hairstyles

Sun-kissed medium brown is a wonderful choice for girls with raven black hair who want to lighten up their mane. This color is especially appreciated by dark-skinned and Asian women since it brings their features some softness.


2. Brown flow

 medium and chocolate brown flow hairstyles for women

If you want your brown hair to look stunning, consider creating highlights by using 2 or more various brown shades. The way the hair flows from light brown to dark chocolate brown is stunning


3. Reddish highlights

 Reddish medium and chocolate brown hairstyles you love

If you add some reddish highlights to your medium brown hairstyle, you immediately get a completely new look. Light reddish shades improve the brown color and make it sun-kissed and shiny.


4. Add some chocolate

 Nice chocolate brown hairstyles for women

Your dark blonde and reddish locks will look much softer and richer if you add chocolate brown. You can keep the lighter locks in front and compliment them with the darker chocolate strands in the back.

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5. Brown ombre

ombre medium and chocolate brown hairstyles you like

Use various coloring techniques to flaunt your wonderful shades or brown. This reverse ombre keeps the lighter natural brown hair on top and adds a chocolate shade on the bottom. What a great idea!

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