50 Coolest Beard Styles for 2017

20 Coolest Short Beard Styles for Men

Here are top 20 short beard styles for men you can try right now.

1. Stubble with Spiked Up Locks

It’s not scruff but a bit longer than it. Men with spiked up locks should go for this style to get an ultimately sexy look. Blond hair and fair complexion support this beard style.


How to Style:

This style doesn’t need much effort to attain, and even a small care can give you the desired results.

Stubble with Spiked Up Locks


2. Shaggy Short Beard Style

Shaggy beard style is perfect for thin and curly facial hair. It gives neat and clean looks while the maintenance is also very handy. Curly hairstyle and small mustaches make an ideal combination.


How to Style:

Don’t disturb the natural shape of the beard and let it grow in its natural way. Trim hair one a week to maintain the actual size.

Shaggy Short Beard Style


3. Patchy Beard

Show off your love with culture and traditions with the help of patchy beard. They become awe-inspiring when get matched with a handlebar mustache. Moreover, patchy beard highlights the design of handlebar mustaches.


How to Style:

Daily waxing is required to transform your beard in handlebar shape while light trimming of facial hair gives you patchy beard style.

 Patchy Beard


4. Thin Beard with Fade Out Hair

The thin beard can now be styled flawlessly. Match your taper fade hair style with a thin and short beard. Intense you appealing looks with regular trimming and never let the beard grow too much.


How to Style:

It’s a very common beard style that doesn’t need much creativity. Ask your barber to make a thin beard and don’t let him cut your hair from a certain limit.

Thin Beard with Fade Out Hair


5. Thin Beard with Fringes

Utilize a thin chin strap beard in the best way by pairing it with extreme fringes. In this beard style, minimum facial hair is used, but it works wonderfully and improves your looks.


How to Style:

To make fringes, ask your barber to use two different trimmer levels and make sure you don’t sustain any cut during the beard styling.

Thin Beard with Fringes


6. Van Dyke

Van Dyke beard style covers just chin part while you thick and extended mustache balances the overall look. The facial hair on the chin is slightly longer and highlighted. If you have long straight hair, then Van Dyke beard style is for you.


How to Style:

The beard style is best for thin facial hair that rarely grows on the jaw line. Never shave or shave chin hair for two weeks and ask the barber to shave the jaw line and sideburns.

Van Dyke


7. Thin Chin Strap

If you have a small face, then bordered it up with thin chin strap. Minimal facial hair requires for mustache and jaw line is the emphasized area. To get a complete look, get faux hawk haircut.


How to Style:

Ask your hairstylist to trim all facial hair except jawline hair. Decide the thickness as per your desire and trim mustache too.


8. Hollow Cheeks

The Hollow cheeks beard style adds value to your personality and makes it look thinner. Never shave your beard from cheekbones to get the maximum effect of it. This beard style looks natural and elegant appearance.


How to Style:

It doesn’t require any creativity and expertise as all you need is the natural appearance. Maintain the beard style with regular trimming.

Hollow Cheeks


9. Pointed Chin Beard Style

Get a great beard shape by matching n shapes mustaches with a pointed chin beard. Thick hair is the main requirement of this beard. Dark hair and dark complexion support this beard style.


How to Style:

Grow your all facial hair and trim jawbone only to give a fade out look. Ask your hairstylist to make the pointed shape of the beard from the chin.

Pointed Chin Beard Style


10. Barely there Beard

If you don’t like a longer beard or have some sort of allergy from the hairy face. Shave your beard in the morning, and next day you will get this look. Barely There Beard style doesn’t give the messy and tidy appearance.


How to Style:

Shave at alternative days and don’t let your facial hair grow longer.

Barely there Beard

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