What Are The Benefits of Curry Leaves for Hair?

Recent years have given rise to more research into the medicinal and pharmacological uses of many herbs and spices. The interest comes from a long history of cultural benefits, whether used internally or externally.

One such herb, curry leaves has a long, vibrant history for several medicinal, aromatherapies, and cooking. Accredited for its high antimicrobial uses as an essential oil that also dups as perfume.


Benefits of Curry Leaves for Hair

One area of use, in particular, is where we begin and end on the benefits of curry leaves for hair. The high versatility of the curry plant has traditional applications for an excellent hair tonic.

It would seem there is nothing this little plant can’t do for your hair, helping restore the health of your scalp to stimulate hair growth while staving off hair loss.


Scalp Health Can Stimulate Hair Growth

Curry Leaves Benefits for Hair

The benefits of curry leaves for hair, mixed with Fenugreek, a seed-like spice comparable in taste to maple syrup, then mixed with a small amount of water to form a paste and massaged into the scalp by a practitioner of the craft.

The vitamin B in the curry leaves strengthens the root of hair while the massaging stimulates hair growth. In some ways, you think of this as a facial for your scalp.

Between the curry leaf paste and the practitioner scalp massage, the scalp’s follicles begin to open up and clear of oils to allow oxygen to enter and start the healing process. Hence, the scalp returns to a healthy state.


Curbing Hair Loss

It’s in no way unusual for people to lose 50 to 70 hairs per day. It’s normal and expected, but when you begin losing large amounts of hair, there may be some underlying condition for the loss.

When hair loss begins, sufferers can experience a host of self-consciousness. Sometimes the problem can be a simple fix, like reducing stress, while other times, it may only be genetic and can progress rapidly. But there are some proactive things you can do to slow or curb the loss.

The benefits of curry leaves for hair loss derives from beta-carotene and protein’s high potency, strengthening the hair shaft, slowing hair loss, or making thinning hair less noticeable.


Hydrating Your Hair

Curry Leaves Oil for Hydrating Hair

Changing climate and seasonal weather can take a toll on anyone’s hair. And depending upon where you live, pollution and regional climate can impact your hair. Causing problems with frizz and brittle hair associated with dehydrated hair.

For these reasons, your hairdresser may use a hydrating oil blend with the benefits of curry leaves for hair plus a final wash followed by a concentrated curry leaf tea for your hair.

For the oil, boil curry leaves in coconut oil and reduce until the leaves and the oil have changed into a dark brown or black color. The oil will have a gummy-like consistency.

Once cooled enough to handle the oil, massage from scalp to tip and wrap your hair in a hot towel. Once the towel is cooled, repeat twice more, and leave the third treatment in overnight.

Before going to bed, boil 15 to 20 curry leaves in two cups of water and reduce them to a cup. Let the curry hair tea cool overnight. Then the next morning, wash your hair and rinse with curry hair tea.


Hair Strengthening Tonic

Your stylist uses a paste from ground curry leaves, hibiscus petals, and a small amount of water to make the best hair strengthening tonic.

The paste is then applied much like a facial mask, only for your hair. The product will stay in place for 20 to 25 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. And it would be best to plan on treating your hair once a week for the best results.


Wrapping Up

The benefits of curry leaves for hair make this lovely plant genuinely unique. Capable of producing a remarkable spice for cooking to help solve common hair difficulties that many of us suffer from or are afflicted by for many reasons. The solutions are simple enough to do right at home.


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