22 Cute Hair Bows for Little Girls

Little girls love hair bows and the demand is on the rise as many stays at home mommas have decided to open shop on Etsy and sell their own bow and headband lines!

Aside from bringing ridiculously adorable, hair bows are the simplest accessory to take your little girl from Gerber baby to straight-up fashionista extraordinaire! And if you’re short on money, that doesn’t matter.

Making your own bows is much easier and more cost-effective and who knows, maybe you’ll start your own Etsy shop one day.


Hair Bows for Little Girls

1. Flower Bow Headband

Flower hair Bow Headband for little baby girl

This cutie patootie is rocking an adorable pink and white floral bow headband. Flower bows are a bit extensive, but the end result is always marvelous.

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2. The Little Patriot

flag design hair bows for little girls

What better bow for your little one to rock this upcoming Independence Day?! These stars and stripes are possibly the most adorable we’ve ever seen and she’ll love showing off her patriotism once she sees this star-spangled bow.


3. Candy Corn Bows

Candy Corn hair Bows for girl

Perfect for the Halloween season, these bows have given candy corn a whole new life! This simplistic concept is simple and easy to achieve (once you’ve had a little practice, of course). It’s great to see that candy corns can be useful for something other than being thrown away.

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4. Large Fabric Polka Dot Bow

Large Fabric Polka Dot hair Bow for baby girl

Adorn your little sweetheart with this large polka dot bow. This adorable accessory will be the perfect addition to our little one’s bow collection.


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5. Floral Fabric Bow

Floral Fabric hair Bow design for girl

Build your little one’s interest in nature by introducing her to this adorable floral bow. This bow is perfect for toddlers all the way up to age 10!


6. Pumpkin Ribbon Bow

Large Fabric Polka Dot Bow

Fabric’s not the only way you can make a bow for your little girl. Check out these awesome pumpkin bows from the Ribbon Retreat! These bows will surely get your munchkin in the mood for Halloween!


7. Large Fabric Tie-Knot Bow

beautiful Tie-Knot hair Bow for baby

If you’re not into the whole sewing or hot glue gun ordeal, you can still achieve an adorable tie-knot bow for your little girl. Not only will it save you time, but it’ll save you effort as well! Just grab some fabric and tie!


8. Easter Chick Bow

This cute bow for little girls is a great option for Easter. Let this whimsical little chick sweep away your daughter’s heart as she perches on top of her head. Tell your daughter that her little chick is keeping an eye out for those Easter eggs.

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9. Checkered Bows

Large Fabric Polka Dot Bow

If you’re looking for cute bows for girls around 10 years old, then nothing says “chic” more than these cute checkered bows. Perfectly subtle for school, church, and even playdates, these bows are timeless and adorable.


10. Big Blue Bow w/ Headband

Big Blue hair Bow for cute little baby girl

Even the smallest divas need a selection of fabulous bows to choose from, so why not add this simple blue bow to her collection? The headband is perfect for little ones who don’t have any hair, and it allows the bow to stay in place without getting in the way.


11. Jingle Bows

cute Jingle Bows for baby

This festively sequined red bow is sure to be a hit around the Christmas tree. You could even opt to make this in other colors such as green or gold to switch it up in conjunction with your little one’s other Christmas outfits.


12. Flower Bow Clip

Flower hair Bow for little black baby

This adorable flower bow clip is a simple, yet unbelievably cute accessory to add to your little one’s collection as well. And it doesn’t just stop at babies- girls who are 8-10 years old can rock these flower bow clips as well.

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13. Elephant Bow

This cute elephant bow for little girls is sure to be a HUGE hit. If your sweetie pie has a soft spot for elephants, then this bow is the perfect option for her! Suitable for little girls mainly from toddlerhood into childhood (about 6-10 years old).


14. Arrow Bow

Arrows have become increasingly popular over the past two years and this bow definitely falls in line with the trend. Perfect for girls of all ages, this cute bow just oozes flair. Keep your little girl on top of the fads with this awesome arrow bow design!


15 .Lace Flower Bow

This delicate bow is a great option for your little sweetheart. Not only does the dual tone offer some great variety and personality, but the addition of pearls also give it a feminine touch that simply ties the whole look together.


16. Lace Bow

Nice Lace Bow hairstyle for little baby girl

This big lace bow is another hit, offering that beautiful, sweet, rustic charm that we love so much.


17. Glow Bow

If you have a little cheerleader on hand, then she may turn flips when she sees this impressive bow! These light up bows are spectacular, one of a kind and perfect for the cheerleader in your life! There’s no question that this could possibly be the bow of your sweetheart’s dreams.


18. Lace Bow Headband

If your toddler or young girl is simplistic at heart, then this minimalistic lace bow will definitely be up her alley. Its stretchy design allows her to put it on and take it off easily, offering her a great sense of independence when it comes to her style.

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19. Little Mer-Bow

Do you have an Ariel fan on your hands? Then this “dinglehopper” Little Mermaid bow will send her reeling! There are Disney themed bows for pretty much all major Disney productions, so look them up and find the perfect one for your princess.


20. Watermelon Tie-Knot Bow

There’s no better statement than a watermelon bow in the middle of summer! Grab a piece of watermelon print fabric and tie a quick bow onto your little one’s head. Not only will this soak up a sweat, but it will also keep her hair out her face while still keeping her stylish.


21. Thin Floral Bow

Thin Floral hair Bow for little girl

Thin bows don’t get nearly as much love as big bows do, but they are still very adorable. Style a thin bow out of floral print fabric for your little free-spirited child and watch her blossom.

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22. Sequin Bow Set

Sequins will always and forever be in. Little girls love shiny things, and the closest we’ll ever let them near “shiny” is sequins (and glitter occasionally). Grab this adorable pastel sequin bow set and let your little one shine!


There are literally thousands of hair bows out there to choose from but, if you feel up to it try to make some yourself! You may just be blown away at just how easy it is, and more importantly, your little fashionista can be your model. Which bows were your favorite?

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