41 Cutest Dutch Braid Hairstyles for 2020 – Sneak a Peak

16. Thin braids

dutch Thin braids hairstyle for young girl

Girls with thin hair should avoid making two braids. They can take full advantage of a Dutch hairstyle on top of their head. But the bottom strands should be let loose. Otherwise, the braids look very thin and unattractive.


17. High and Dutch

dutch braids 19

If you want to create a fun variation of the Dutch braids, you can start braiding two of them close together. The rest of the hair can either be collected into a bun or left loose.


18. Side braid

dutch Side braid hairstyle

You can start making two braids and then sweep the hair to one side to complete the style. If your hair is thick, a braid on the side will look amazing. If it’s thin, this style is a great way to make a braid look thicker.


19. Dutch Braid Bun

dutch braids 22

When making braids on top of your head, you don’t have to follow the classic braiding style. Consider making fishtails or even cornrows to make your style even more unique.


20. Loose and highlighted

dutch braids Loose and highlighted hairstyle

This smart and outstanding approach to the Dutch French braid is possible even if you have thin hair. The top part is arranged into two loose braids and they are kept intact by hairpins. The bottom can be created using a weave.

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