41 Cutest Dutch Braid Hairstyles for 2019 – Sneak a Peak

31. Dutch Braid with Cornrows

The thin cornrows in between the Dutch braids look mesmerizing. This beautiful look goes well for casual as well as formal evenings.


32. Half Bun

This stunning hairdo looks stylish and makes a fashion statement hairdo. You can carry this simple Dutch braided hairdo with the crown that is pulled back into the bun with loose hair over the sides. It is a fabulous hairdo that looks great for everyday life.


33. Messy Braids

The hair is sectioned from the middle into two braids that are pulled over the sides. These braids are fanned out to create a voluminous look for the hairdo. Flaunt this look at a friend’s party or enjoy it at your workplace without any hassle to manage the hair.


34. Braided Mohawk Updo

The blue-colored ombre hair is kept loose while the hair is parted from the middle to create sections for the Dutch braid. These hair are then turned into a beautiful braid which ends up into a top knot that gives you positive and confident vibes.


35. Textured Braid

textured dutch braid hairstyles

The neon texture for the braid looks unique and sassy. The textured hair is weaved into a classy braid to achieve the miraculous look.