41 Cutest Dutch Braid Hairstyles for 2020 – Sneak a Peak

36. Braid with Pigtails

The hair is carefully parted for this hairdo to create the Dutch-inspired braids over the side. These braids are then ended up in a ponytail which is created with extra volume with the help of hairspray and a comb to get the chic look.


37. Dutch Braid with a Twist

This braid style looks stunning. The classical Dutch braid is weaved in the middle and ended up over the nape of the neck. The braid is then secured with a beautiful scarf to give a statement look.


38. Double Half Braids

This classical hairdo looks fabulous where the braids are weaved on two sides. These Dutch braidings are fanned to create a voluminous look for the entire hairdo.


39. Braid with a Low Hairdo

For this classy and sassy look, you need to part the hair into two sections and start weaving the braid on two sides. These braids are then fanned out to create a messy look and tied back into a lower messy bun that offers a flawless look.


40. Braided Space Buns

reverse dutch braid with knots

For this hairdo, the sections are taken from the nape of the neck to form two braids. These braids are then taken over the top to form the knots. It is a unique hairdo that portrays confidence and self-esteem with complete exclusivity.


41. U- Shaped Braid

U shaped dutch braid hairstyles

The two Dutch style braids are created in this hairdo from the frontline of the head that is taken back to form a U shape. This modish hairdo looks completely flawless and pairs well with all outfits.


The Dutch braid is very famous and you’ll find it many times over your Instagram and Facebook feed. These braids pop out of your hair instead of blending with your normal hair. The Dutch braid is usually tight that prevents you from falling over your face during physical activities like dancing, aerobic exercise, gym sessions, and others.

If you’ve always wanted to make dutch braids, the time has come to make a grand hairstyle experiment. Start with the classics and go on to make your hair shine with highlights and hair extensions.