101 Cutest Weave Hairstyles for Women

31. Weave highlights

cool short weave hairstyles

Tired of coloring your hair? Go for weave highlights. It is not an easy job, but a good stylist can make great looking highlights by attaching thin strands to your short hair. Experiment with the colors and the length.

32. Light weave

Cutest Weave Hairstyles for Women 36-min

Add some volume to your hair by choosing a light colored weave hairstyle. The light colors are bound to make your hair look rich. And if you go for the curls, they will make the volume even more eye-catching.

33. The Barbie look 

short curly weave hairstyle

Nothing will help you look like a Barbie doll more than a good curly weave. Rich thick curls mixed together with vibrant color and some imagination will make this weave hairstyle worth flaunting at any podium.

34. The longest ponytail

Cutest Weave Hairstyles for Women 38-min

If your ponytail is far from being long and thick, try a good weave and it will save the day. There are special hair extensions, which can be attached to create just the ponytail look you always wanted. Almost no maintenance is required.

35. Dark curls and waves

Cutest Weave Hairstyles for Women 39-min

Long and wavy weave hairstyle is a great way to diversify the old and boring short and curly mane. Weaves do a great job of making women take more care of their new and improved hair, which leads to fabulous new looks.