7 Dark Green Hair Styling Ideas

Want to try dark green hair color? Not many women will say yes to such a question. That’s exactly what makes the green hair color so unique. It’s strange, weird, exclusive, and exciting.

Whether you want to make a statement or just completely change your everyday image, a green hairstyle can do it in a flash.

As opposed to other wild colors such as silver, blue or pink, dark green may be applied without preliminary bleaching. This makes it a wonderful choice for girls, who want to save their hair from extra damage.


How to Color Your Hair Dark Green

1. Green hair dyes are usually semi-permanent. When you want to get a long-lasting color, you should consider getting professional advice. Temporary dark green hair is much easier to achieve.

2. There is a big variety of temporary dyes to choose from. Most of them appear just before Halloween while others are available all year round. Spray on hair dyes can make your hair look fantastic if only for one night. Take advantage of different colors to see which one looks closer to your dream hue when applied to your hair. Experimenting with temporary dyes won’t hurt your locks.

3. When choosing the best dark green hair color, make sure to pay attention to your skin tone. Overly bright and shiny hues are suitable for pale skin. Very dark green looks good on the olive and tan skin.


Dark Green Hairstyles

Conquering the world with your hair is easy when you know how to go about it. Wild colors such as dark green have always been a simple way to reach the goal.

Dark green hairstyles allow a woman to express herself in a way she could never do before. The power of such outstanding colors is often underestimated.

Below are 7 examples of the amazing hairstyles that should give you an idea of how stunning a girl can look with dark green hair.

#1. Beautifully Green Box Braids

Beautiful box braid Dark Green Hairstyle

Box braids look especially stunning when green. You can even make this hairstyle look somewhat natural by leaving your natural shade on top and just dyeing the braids. Green braids are so cool!


#2. Shiny Green on Top

Shiny Dark Green Hairstyle for girl

Spray dyes are amazing since you don’t have to color your whole head. You can enjoy a wonderful dark green hairstyle by leaving some of your locks a natural color. Keep the green in front of a better impression.


#3. Chopped Bob

Dark Green bob Hairstyle for women

A chopped bob with an uneven fringe and bright makeup is a wonderful base for green hair color. If you are bold enough to go for an unconventional hairstyle, nothing should keep you from enjoying a wild color.


#4. Green Bangs

Dark Green bang Hair style you love

Black girls with wild curls can have fun with the dark green hairstyles. You can either dye your whole head or do the bangs only. Whatever you decide, you’ll definitely make an impression. Black and green are a perfect match.


#5. Slight Touch

long Dark Green Haircut for young girl

A slight touch of temporary dye can create a stunning dark green hairstyle. If you have dark long hair and waves, dark green shades are an absolute must for the next party. Don’t hesitate to give them a try!


#6. Partial Green Highlights

Dark Green Hair

Partial dark green highlights are a good idea for businesswomen, who want to have fun on the weekends. Turn your respectable long bob into a fun green hairstyle for just one night. You’ll notice how the whole world will change.


#7. A-line Bob with Ombre

A-line bob will look even more impressive if you are bold enough to try a dark green ombre. If you add some waves into the mix, you get an amazing hairstyle that can easily help you stand out from any crowd.

Blue Ombre Hairstyles


Do you have any more doubts about getting a dark green hairstyle? Push them away! These unusual and fashionable hairdos are worth trying, even if it’s just for one single night. Have fun with them and share your experience!

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