50 Luscious Dark & Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for A Regal Look

46. Rich honey brown


This rich honey brown is easily achieved for girls with dark hair. Just make sure to get the color touched up often since it can wash out pretty quickly.


47. The real deal

If you want to get beautiful natural-looking blonde locks, you have to use the honey blonde color as your weapon. It will make the blonde richer and more fabulous.


48. Dark blonde highlights


Dark blonde highlights are a great way to diversify your simple blonde locks. The more of them you have, the more natural your hairstyle will look.


49. The natural look


Don’t overdo the highlighting when it comes to creating a wonderful hairstyle. The more natural your hair looks; the more amazing impression you will make.


50. Long and beautiful


When you are sporting long hair, make sure you do the coloring right. The top should be slightly darker than the bottom in order to avoid roots being too obvious.


These hair color ideas can help you make a choice when it comes to dark and honey blonde shades. Remember, no matter what color you start with, some work and patience can help you reach the greatest results.