80 Delightful Short Hairstyles for Teen Girls

#46: Fabulous Fauxhawk

Fauxhawk haircut you like

A brilliant Fauxhawk style looks even more impressive with a close undercut. This teen girl hairstyle is ideal if you are a bit of a wild child!


#47: Messy Short Bob with Blunt Bangs


Blunt bangs can look very severe. Take some of the edge off of this cool teen girl hairstyle by cutting in lots of crazy messy layers.


#48: Signature Colour


If you do not want to color all of your hair then you can just add a few signature streaks. Bangs or a fringe is a great place to add a splash of color.


#49: Long Front Short Back

 Short Back haircut for long girl

Keep the front of your hairstyle chin length and gradually taper the style off until it is very short at the back. This teen girl hair takes its inspiration from loads of Hollywood stars.


#50: Swept Back

A softly swept back updo is a fantastic way to fake a short hairstyle. Not every woman wants to chop off all those inches, so fake it until you make it. Wear your hair tucked back for a formal function or simply to see if short hair suits you.

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