80 Delightful Short Hairstyles for Teen Girls

66. The Fiery Shaved Red

This hairstyle is made for the bold girls, and its design is made such that pulling it off can be a task, but on the right person it would be amazing. So, if you think your bold personality can combine well with this hairstyle then go for it!


67. Silver Fox Hairstyle for Teen

This hairstyle is unique and can be pulled off by only a few people. The silvery fox look with the red center looks like blood drops on snow. It’s enchanting and intriguing. If you consider yourself grunge, then this is for you.


68. Soft Short Bob Haircut

The ‘short haircut for teen girls’ list doesn’t only have grunge and pixie or shaved looks. Here’s a softer bob look for our teen girls out there. It’s a more feminine shorter look and great for somebody who doesn’t want to experiment.


69. The Coral Afro

The greatest ways to bring out the best in an afro is by keeping it short. This particular look heavily relies on coral tones to give it this amazing depth and texture. A full afro should be kept open and worn with pride.


70. The Boyish Short Haircut

boyish short haircut for teenage girl

Who said only boys could rock their luscious locks like this? It’s a wonderful hairstyle for that tomboy girl out there who just wants her hair out of the face to enjoy life. It’s no doubt also a cool cut for anyone who knows how to carry it well.

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