80 Delightful Short Hairstyles for Teen Girls

71. Short Messy Waves for Teen Girls

Short hairstyles on hair that is on the thinner side look great when kept messy like this. This mess may scream just got out of the bed but is actually very hard to achieve on a regular basis. It needs a lot of volumizing products and lots of layers to look like this.


72. The Unkempt Short Cut

Short hairstyle for girls can be messy and elegant too. There comes in the unkempt look. Its short hair with layers at the end to give its soft and thinner finish. Try some long bangs to give your face a lift with the hair that will fall in the front.


73. Bubble-Gum Pink Short Hair

This short pink hairstyle combines cute and girly together very well. To make sure that you get the best out of this go global with the pink. Maintain the roots for as long as you’re maintaining your bangs. This way the look won’t get awkward.


74. The Windswept Short Haircut

Windswept short bangs have been common amongst young boys. But teen girls too can try out this short hairstyle for themselves. This wonderful haircut keeps the hair off your neck and also gives you a voluminous front for your face and forehead.


75. The Full-Blown Brown Afro

short brown afro hair for teen girls

A full-blown afro deserves the attention of everyone. That’s why we suggest you keep your afro short and sweet so that it’s not too hard to maintain on a daily basis. A neutral color like this brown can give it a calming tone.

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