80 Delightful Short Hairstyles for Teen Girls

76. Electric Blue Curls

Vanessa Hudgens sports a lovely electric blue-green hair color combo. This hairstyle is great for experimenting with teen girls, and blue Hair color is becoming big in the industry anyways.


77. Short Feather Layers

This is an amazing hairstyle for teen girls. Try this feather cut to see how small hair looks on your face.


78. Short Curls

If you have curly hair then this style might look on you, a great option of short curls. Check out whether that length suits you.


79. Iconic Short Wavy Hair

The wavy hair framing your face will always be a cute look on any girl. It’s soft and feminine giving it a charm like no other. A perfect short hairstyle for teen girls!


80. Mushroom Brown Layered Hair

short mushroom brown layered hair for teen

Unruly curls are enchanting and beautiful. With a mushroom head haircut and some layers, it is quite easy to achieve this simplistic and cute look.


Hope you have enjoyed our list of short haircuts and hairstyles for teenage girls. Young girls and boys never compromise on their looks. Especially when it comes to the girls, they want to spice up every single look. Before choosing a hairstyle, never neglect the importance of your outer frame and what will look good on it. Choose the short hairstyle that’s best for you and never compromise on it. No matter it’s short or long, the final thing is: you need to look good on it!

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