5 Mistakes to Avoid When Detangling Hair

If you have medium to long hair, you’ve probably had to deal with knots and tangles as part of your daily haircare routine. At times, you might have literally wanted to rip the hair out of your head to remove a stubborn tangle. Don’t do it!

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when detangling your hair:

1.  Trying to Remove Tangles When Hair is Wet

Removing tangles while your hair is wet can cause serious breakage and damage. That’s because wet hair is weaker, more stretchy, and fragile. It’s usually a much better choice to detangle dry hair.

Before shampooing, separate big tangles and knots first with your fingers and then with a wide-tooth comb. Once you’ve removed the big knots, it’s safe to shampoo and condition your hair. Use a specially designed detangling brush in the shower to remove any small tangles that remain.


2. Not Using the Right Types of Tools

detangling hair

Not all hairbrushes and combs are designed to remove knots, so it’s essential to select the ones that are meant to detangle hair.  If you’ve been using fine tooth combs and your boyfriend’s hairbrush to remove your tangles, you’re going about it the wrong way.

  • Wide-tooth combs gently separate your hair as you comb through tangles.
  • Paddle brushes are detangling brushes that won’t rip or pull at knotted hair.
  • Your fingers are the perfect tool for keeping your hair tangle-free. Use them to separate big hair knots before using combs and brushes for the smaller pieces.


3. Not Using Detangling Sprays and Leave-in Conditioners While Detangling

One of the best ways to remove tangles from your hair is by using a detangling product when combing your hair after shampooing and conditioning.

While your hair is still damp, comb through a detangler spray or leave-in detangling conditioner like Infusium 23 Pro Leave-In Hair Treatment. These products are specially formulated with moisturizers and polymers that coat the surface of the hair strands and tighten the cuticles, so the hair is smoother and easier to manage as you work out the knots.


4. Not Getting the Tangles Out As Soon As You Notice Them

Knots form when individual strands of hair intertwine and become tangled with each other. As more strands get twisted in, the knots grow larger, eventually becoming compacted and harder to remove. If your hair is prone to knots, be sure to comb or brush your hair at least once a day to avoid having to snip them out.


5. Not Removing Tangles Slowly and Carefully

detangling hair tips and mistakes

When it comes to removing tangles from your hair, slow and steady wins the race. Don’t rush, don’t yank, and don’t rip your hair out in despair.

If you have long or thick curly hair, divide it into sections if necessary. Start from the ends, and work your way slowly up towards the scalp, carefully separating the knots with your fingers as you go.


Sometimes detangling hair can be a painful and time-consuming process, but it’s worth doing it right in the first place. If you lose patience, then you won’t only be dealing with knots and tangles, you’ll also be dealing with split ends and damaged hair.

Learn to avoid the most common mistakes people make when trying to detangle hair, and you’ll end up with healthy, luxurious, tangle-free hair that’s the envy of others.

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