Do Hair Color Removers Really Work?

Designed to target permanent color, hair dye removers cannot eliminate any other artificial colors in the hair, such as lightened or bleached hair. Thus the question arises, do hair color removers work?

Hair color removers work as long as you buy the relevant product your hair requires and follow the appropriate instructions. As compared to bleaching, hair dye removers make a better option.


What Is Hair Color Remover?

Hair dye removers wash out the artificial color pigments from your hair, leaving your natural hair unaffected. They appear highly effective and have proven to be the least harmful way to remove artificial dyes from the hair.

In order to preserve your hair from damage, you should use an artificial hair color extractor in moderation.


How to Make a Hair Color Remover Effective

You can avoid damage to your hair by choosing an appropriate environment for using an artificial hair color extractor, applying the right shampoo, and waiting at least two weeks before using any box dye, bleach, chemical perm, or straightening after the removal. By making yourself aware of the process of utilizing a hair color remover, you can make the process effective.

Below, you can find ways to make a color remover even more effective:

Clarifying Shampoo

In order to avoid your hair from drying out, use a clarifying shampoo. Before applying the hair dye extractor, wash your hair twice, and rinse and dry your hair. Apply your preferred hair color removers on damp hair.


Follow Instructions

Follow the directions on the dye remover kit. You will find an acid solution and a sulfur-reducing agent in two separate bottles, which you will have to mix together.


Work Fast

How to Make a Hair Color Remover Effective - Apply Fast

Once you have mixed the sulfur-reducing agent and acid solution, you should apply the solution immediately by using a tint brush as it loses its effectiveness. For long hair, pour the mixture into your gloves and apply it with your fingertips.


Apply Heat

Use a blow dryer or put on a processing cap over your hair to apply medium heat for 20 minutes to your hair. Heat opens the cuticle and speeds up the process of color removal.


The Rinsing Stage

How to Make a Hair Color Remover Effective - Rinse Hair with Hot Water

You must wash your hair with shampoo and hot water multiple times to do away with the artificial color pigments from your hair. Rinse your hair to wash out the strong, unpleasant smell of the hair color removal product.


Avoid Cold Water

Cold water does not help in the process of hair color removal. The warm water helps keep the cuticles open while you rinse the color out.



How to Make a Hair Color Remover Effective - Use Conditioner

Multiple washing of the hair with hot water can damage the hair, making it dry. By applying a good amount of conditioner, you can combat the dryness. You can seal the cuticles by using a neutral protein filler.


What Should You Look for in a Hair Color Remover?

Do hair color removers work without damaging your hair? Yes! But make sure to choose a hair dye remover that has the following formulas and ingredients to keep your hair free from damage.

Choose the Right Product

Choose a suitable hair color remover since some products are specifically made for temporary or permanent color, while others for demi or semi-permanent hair color removers. Read the details on the box properly before buying a hair dye remover.


Bleach-free and Ammonia-free Formulas

Things to Look for in a Hair Color Remover

The process of hair color removal can damage your hair if not done right. Ammonia-free and bleach-free formulas will leave your hair shinier and softer. 


Reparative and Hydrating Ingredients

Subjecting the hair to shampooing multiple times and hot water rinsing reduces the hair’s natural oils, leaving your hair dry. Hydrating or conditioning ingredients such as butter, oils, silicone strengthen keratin proteins and keep your hair from drying out.

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