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Do Hair Thickening Serums Really Work?

There’s a huge market for hair products that aim to provide effective solutions for thin hair, one of which is hair thickening serums. But the question that arises is – do hair thickening serums really work

Hair loss and hair thinning are two of the most common hair-related issues faced by millions of men and women worldwide.

There are numerous medical conditions that lead to serious hair loss and thinning, such as alopecia areata, thyroid disease, as well as scalp infections like ringworm, to name a few. All of these can have a detrimental effect on your hairline and can devastate it in a worst-case scenario. Hair thickening serums are being popular these days claiming to resolve the thinning issue. Let’s dive deep, do hair serums actually work?

thickening serum


What Are Hair Thickening Serums?

As the name suggests, a hair thickening serum is a liquid formulation with an advanced formula and ingredients that promote hair growth, a fuller hairline, and improved hair manageability. All this results in denser-looking hair.

These serums work towards improving the appearance of thin hair in order to provide long-lasting volume, thickness, and density.

Hair regrowth and thickening serums may have once started as a beauty trend, but over time, they have become an essential hair care product for people dealing with hair loss issues.


How Do Hair Thickening Serums Work?

A hair thickening serum may just look like another hair product that you apply like you would shampoo or conditioner, but once the application is done, the serum works in many ways to help stop hair fall, encourage hair growth, and improve the appearance of your existing hair.

Active Ingredients Increase Blood Flow and Moisture

benefits of hair thickening serum

Hair thickening serums contain many active ingredients that provide moisture to your scalp, boost the blood flow to the scalp, and take care of new hair follicles. Some of these ingredients include vitamin B5, wheat germ, fatty acids like lecithin vitamin B3, aloe vera, and hydrolyzed lupine protein. These ingredients work together to form a protective layer over every single hair strand in order to provide the hair with increased strength.


Revitalizes Damaged Hair

thickening serum for damaged hair

Damaged hair is another factor that contributes to hair loss and thinning. Hair thickening serums aim to revitalize the damaged parts of the hair by locking in moisture and boosting overall hair strength.

The serum adds luster to the hair, nourishes it, tames flyaways, softens rough hair strands, prevents split ends, and works toward restoring overall damage to make way for stronger, healthier, and thicker hair.


Combination of Oils and Extracts

Most hair thickening serums feature a combination of extracts and oils such as grapeseed oil. These promote increased hair conditioning, hair smoothness, improve hair texture, and repair dead skin cells.

Furthermore, they also create a protective sheath that protects the hair against hair styling tools that use heat. This protects your hair from the heat of these tools, and thus combats damage and prevents your hair from losing moisture.


Is Hair Thickening Serum Effective?

To answer your question, “do hair thickening serums work?” Yes, they do.

However, it’s important to understand that these serums aren’t a magical solution for hair thinning and hair loss problems. They take time to work, and they also don’t guarantee super healthy and thick hair overnight.

What they really do is help maintain already damaged hair and protect the hair from further damage, resulting in denser and thicker hair.