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Can Protein Treatment Help My Hair Thicken?

Your hair is made of up to 90% keratin, but due to harsh chemical treatment, styling, and other natural factors, keratin reduces, causing hair to thin and break. A protein treatment may come in handy to solve this issue.  Thus, many people wonder, “Do protein treatments thicken hair?

The answer is yes. Protein treatments are products you can apply to your hair to add protein to help strengthen, repair, and protect your hair from damage resulting in thicker, healthier hair. Applying protein treatments can restore your hair’s former glory or leave it looking even better.

Can Protein Treatments Help My Hair Thicken?

Yes, protein treatments will help thicken your hair by sealing the gaps between your hair follicles, strengthening and thickening your hair strands. It will also harden the cuticle layer reducing your hair’s vulnerability.

Although protein treatments will improve your hair thickness, understand the cause of your thinning hair because even after treating it, you might not see a significant difference if the problem lies elsewhere.

Causes of Thinning Hair

thinning hair causes

Here are some common causes of thinning hair.


Your body requires a balanced diet to maintain healthy hair follicles and strands. Low protein, iron, and vitamin D cause thin hair and other hair problems such as hair breakage and loss.

To help maintain healthy hair, eat food rich in folic acid, iron, biotin, and protein.

Genes and Age

Unfortunately, we can’t change our genes, and aging is inevitable. If your family suffers from androgenetic alopecia, there is little you can do to prevent thinning or losing your hair.

Using Harsh Hair Products

Using dyes and chemicals for a prolonged time or incorrectly will result in damaged hair. You should seek professional services when applying these products.

Hormonal Imbalance

Pregnancy and menopause come with rollercoasters of emotions and body changes, which might include hair thinning.

Choosing the Right Protein Treatment for Your Hair

Choosing the Right Protein Treatment for Your Hair

There are plenty of protein treatments in the market, some of which are DIY that you can apply at home, while a professional should apply others.

If you are new to protein treatment, watching a few YouTube videos might not be enough, as you must know the amount needed for your hair.

Excess protein will cause hair breakage, while too little will not solve the thinning hair problem.

The main protein treatments available are keratin treatment and cysteine treatments. The method you choose will depend on the damage to your hair.

Types of Protein Treatment

The various levels of protein treatments include:

  • Light treatment: You can use light treatment for regular hair maintenance and repair mild-moderate hair damage.
  • Deep penetrating treatments: Use this treatment to repair moderately damaged hair.
  • Reconstruction: Use reconstruction to repair extensively damaged hair. You should seek the services of a professional when applying.

Homemade Protein Treatments

Homemade Protein Treatments to Thicken Hair

Going to the salon can be quite expensive, yet protein treatments are essential. Below are some homemade treatments you can use to thicken your hair in the comfort of your house.

Egg and Yogurt

Eggs are rich in protein, while yogurt is rich in probiotics. The two will leave your hair soft and shiny and promote its growth in width and length.

Avocado and Coconut Milk

Avocado has vitamins A, B, and E, while coconut milk contains protein, saturated fatty acids, and vitamins B, C, and E. It is a natural conditioner that will strengthen and thicken your hair.’

Egg, Honey, and Almond Oil

Eggs contain protein, while honey is a natural conditioner. It repairs and protects hair from damage while improving its thickness. Almond oil has fatty acids that soften your hair.

Also, make sure you do these after a protein treatment.

How Often Should I Do Protein Treatments?

OTC and homemade treatments can be applied once a month, while professional treatments should be applied once every six months.

Can Protein Treatments Cause My Hair to Thin?

Yes, excessive use of stronger protein treatment can cause your hair to thin or break.

So, Do Protein Treatments Thicken Hair?

Protein treatments do thicken your hair and also improve the overall health of your hair. However, it should be applied in moderation because excess proteins will result in hair breakage. A healthy diet should also accompany protein treatments.