FAQ: Does Shaving make Your Beard Thicker?

Will your beard grow in fuller and thicker if you shave it often? The idea that hair removal affects the regrowth of hair isn’t new, nor is it restricted to wondering if shaving makes your beard thicker.

If you cut or shave off your beard, then a better question to ask is, “how long does it take for hair to grow back?” because you’ll spend all your time undoing all of your growth. Remember, it takes a year for hair to grow approximately six inches. 


The Facts Behind the Myth of Growing a Thicker Beard

Does shaving make your beard grow thicker? Absolutely not. However, the misconception is an understandable one. As it happens, there are several ways to encourage a lusher, thicker beard, but it doesn’t have anything to do with your razor. Shaving doesn’t impact hair growth, full stop.

For years, women have labored under the fear that shaving their legs, pits, arms, bikini lines, and unibrows will result in a jungle of hair once it grows back. There’s also the popular but untrue idea that trimming your hair frequently will make it grow faster.

None of these things are true. No matter how often you shave, it won’t affect your hair follicles. Below, I’m destroying the myths and offering some must-have tips for beard growth.


#1: The Rapid Growth Illusion

young men grow Thicker Beard

It’s no wonder you want to know if shaving makes your beard grow thicker. It appears that way—the five o’clock shadow is proof. See, after you shave, you see an almost instantaneous increase in hair growth. Your beard does grow back quite quickly. However, following that quickness, there’s a decrease that occurs within just a couple of hours.

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#2: But of Coarse

short Thicker Beard for men

Haha, get it? Because I’m talking about coarse hair here, and … never mind. Anyway, your beard also appears to grow back thick because the shafts of all those beard hairs are both coarser and darker near the root. The tips of the hairs are generally lighter and softer.


#3: Groom Away

Grooming your Thicker Beard

Grooming your beard will make it appear fuller. There are styling tricks you can apply, depending on which style of beard you wear. In addition to combing, brushing, and applying styling wax, shampoo and condition your beard. Apply beard oil, too.

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#4: Get Your Protein

healthy Grooming thicker beard style

Introducing healthy proteins into your diet stimulates hair growth. Shaving won’t make your beard thicker but eating more meat, fish, eggs, and nuts will. Just remember to eat lean proteins. You want a thicker beard, not a thicker waist.


#5: Pop a Vitamin

 long thicker beard

Taking biotin will make your beard grow longer. It might even stimulate enough lazy hair follicles to increase thickness. Talk to your doctor first, obviously, but biotin is completely safe.

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Shaving does not make your beard thicker. Have you ever heard that? Hopefully, the other remedies will help you in your quest to grow a groovy beard.

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