Dyeing Your Hair Will Kill Lice: Fact or Myth

Lice is a terrible problem which some people think should have disappeared back in the 19th century.

However, lice are very resilient and keep coming back in your hair. You don’t have to sleep under a bridge and wear dirty clothes to acquire them.

They are a common problem among kids in school. Lice can live for a long time and easily jump from hair to clothing and back. That’s why you need an effective way to fight them.

Thankfully, today there are many different ways to kill lice. Special shampoos replaced the terrible haircuts. Meanwhile, special brushes can easily get the nits out of your hair fast as opposed to long hours people used to spend in front of the mirror brushing them out


Will Dyeing Hair Kill Lice?

lice in hair

dying hair can kill lice, but such an amount of harmful chemicals are risky.

We all know that the dye contains plenty of harsh chemicals that should be able to kill any living organism, right? So it seems as if getting rid of lice with dyeing is a great way out. Get your hair a new color and forget about the annoying creatures.

In most cases, it’s true. Lice can’t stand the harmful chemicals and die in the process of dyeing. Many people managed to kill the lice by simply dyeing their locks.


But Nits Stay

The most annoying part about getting lice is that they lay eggs called nits. Even if dyeing helps kill all the “adult” lice in your hair, the nits stay. If you don’t manage to get all the nits out, the lice will come back again. Dyeing your hair over and over again won’t solve the problem. You have to get rid of all the nits. Otherwise, the lice will reappear. So dyeing seems to be a quick fix and a short term remedy.

Hair dye might kill some nits but most of them are designed to resist many harsh elements. Nature created nits to be very resistant so they can survive in the toughest conditions.


What Can You Do?

While many people report that dyeing their hair helped them get rid of lice, the only way to check if it works is to try for yourself. However, we would recommend using special medicated shampoo together with the dye in order to make sure you really do kill these annoying creatures.

lice problem for little girls hair

There is nothing worse than killing half of them and allowing the rest to rage war on your scalp. If you want to make sure that all lice are gone, use all the weapons you have at hand. Once the lice are gone, the time has come to get rid of nits. Forget about hair dye. The only way to make them leave your hair is to take them out manually.

Nits use a special glue to get stuck to your locks. So use vinegar to dissolve the glue and then a special fine-tooth comb to get them out forever.

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