Dying Hair While Pregnant: Is It Bad for The Baby?

Many women are wondering if dying is safe during pregnancy. When you are enjoying all the ‘benefits’ of pregnancy, such as itchy belly, swollen ankles, and hands, as well as nausea, it’s impossible to settle for dealing with grown out roots and gray hair. However, the thought of harming the baby is even more terrifying. So what should you do?

hair dying when pregnant


Not enough studies have been done to show whether dying your hair is harmful to the baby. None of the specialists can tell you that you should go ahead and dye your hair without any worry. Hair dye contains chemicals, which can penetrate your skin and might get into your blood stream.


What Do Studies Tell Us

In 2005, a study suggested that the chemicals contained in the hair dye can cause the unborn baby to suffer from a rare condition called a Cancer ‘Neuroblastoma‘. This disease affects the nervous system and can have unfortunate consequences. However, more studies that were done later, didn’t confirm these findings. So it seems as if there are no studies to support the negative effects of hair dying during pregnancy.

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Are The Chemical Harmful?

Perhaps some of the chemicals, which you find on the hair dye bottle label can be harmful to your child. However, you’d need to consume huge amounts of them to get the effect. If you follow the instructions closely and don’t go out of your way with overusing the hair dye, the baby should be fine.

hair dye chemical can be harmful for baby

hair dye chemicals can cause harm to the baby


Be On The Safe Side…

When we are talking about the health of our children, it’s better to be on the safe side. So, most doctors don’t recommend using the hair dye at least during the first trimester.

The fist 12 weeks of your pregnancy as the most important. The organs, muscles, vocal cords, and many other parts of the baby’s organism are just taking form. Even if there is the slightest chance that dying the hair can interfere with the process, it’s better to avoid it.

During the first trimester or throughout the whole pregnancy, women can take advantage of such natural hair dying options as henna and vegetable hair dyes.

Meanwhile, you have to carefully follow the instructions, always wear gloves, and never leave the dye on longer than necessary. Some women might want to consider turning to professional hairstylists to get the job done better and faster.


Here are some hair coloring tips during pregnancy:

  • Make it fast (do root touch-ups instead of full head coloring).
  • Arrange ventilation so you don’t breathe in the chemicals.
  • Opt for professional assistance.
  • Do a strand test (hormones can change the way your hair reacts to dyes).

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When you are thinking about dying your hair during pregnancy, it’s important to consider a personal factor, such as feeling good about yourself. It’s important to get only positive feelings during pregnancy. So if you are extremely uncomfortable about the way you look with the dark roots or gray hair, you should take advantage of the available options to make yourself feel as fantastic as possible.

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