Emma Stone’s Hair Evolution To Inspire Your Next ‘Do

Emma Stone is one of the most beautiful, talented, and down-to-earth actors illuminating the silver screen these days, so it’s not exactly a shocker that many women yearn for Emma Stone’s hair. It’s gorgeous. Even better is her ability to pull off just about any color. If you only know her as a redhead, then you’re in for a treat. Like a true chameleon, this actress can pull off nearly any shade as if it’s her natural one.


Emma Stone: Latest Hairstyle

Emma stone september 2021 hairstyle

Emma stone’s Platinum Blonde Hairstyle Hairstyle in September 2021

This sleek platinum blonde hairstyle is the latest Emma Stone hairstyle seen on September 2021 at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Best of Emma Stone Hairstyles

Sure, you can pull off an Emma Stone hairstyle. That’s the beauty of choosing to steal her style—like Emma herself, her aesthetic is relatable. She’s always polished, but never so perfect that she seems unreal or too flawless. She’s an inspiration for every woman.


Brunette Appeal

natural blonde Emma Stone Hairstyle

It’s rare to see one of Emma Stone’s hairstyles in this shade. The natural blonde and de facto redhead doesn’t usually go brunette. However, her porcelain skin, stark eyes, and rosy lips allow her to carry off the color like she was born with it. Dark hair colors don’t always complement fair-skinned women, but Emma’s an exception.


Glamorous Medium Length Updos

updo hairstyle for Emma Stone

Emma’s well-known for her red carpet hairstyle. Her formal coiffures are out-of-this-world. The good news is that her updos are easy to mimic, and they’re ideal even if your hair is on the shorter side. In fact, to pin up one side of your hair in a similar manner, a bob is an excellent length. Observe how this ‘do elongates the neck and highlights the eyes and cheekbones.

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Texture for Days

layered bob Hair for Emma Stone

Whether your hair is stick straight or has a natural wave, you can copy Emma’s textured, layered bob with a bit of sea salt spray. Salt spray creates enviable beach waves in almost any type of hair. The layers keep the hair from being too heavy, which means you get extra volume. Can’t complain about that.


Old Hollywood Glam

Emma Stone wavy hairstyle

There’s nothing better—nothing—than Emma Stone hair with attitude. This girl knows the Old Hollywood glam aesthetic better than any actress walking the red carpet. Pin curls and finger waves help to achieve this style. You can also ask your stylist to do you upright and then show you how it’s done. You can also try hairstyles donned by Taylor Swift.


Blonde Ambition

Emma Stone Blonde Haircut

Did you know Emma Stone is naturally blonde? Not many people do. Even when she goes back to her roots—so to speak—people are tempted to think she’s just trying to be blonde, when in reality she is. Because she has such fair skin, she looks like an ice queen, and I frigging love it. Those bangs are next-level, as well. You can rarely go wrong with a side-swept fringe.

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Do you love Emma Stone’s hairstyles? Which coif are you eager to steal? I’m always partial to her redheaded looks, regardless of what they are.

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