30 Epic Blonde Hairstyles With Lowlights To Look Like a Star

6. Reddish blonde lowlights

Reddish blonde lowlights haircut for women

Reddish blonde lowlights are a great way to darken bronze blonde hair. You will create dark strands while keeping the hair blonde. Make an experiment with adding honey highlights.


7. Light brown and blonde lowlights


Light brown and blonde hair with lowlights look great together in an ombre. Such an approach can make your locks appear natural without too much dyeing. Consider doing a balayage.


8. Bleached blond


Being a bleached blonde might seem like fun but after some time most women decide to darken up their mane. Yellow and light blonde lowlights can do the job fantastically well.


9. Crazy colors

Crazy colors blonde cut for girl

Crazy and outrageous colors are always a great way to make a statement. No matter what color your natural hair is, dyeing a few strands blue, purple or even green will definitely help you make an impression.


10. Ash blonde lowlights


If you like the dirty blonde look but are looking for something new, consider partial lowlights to frame your face. Choose from ash blonde and chestnut blonde or go further to explore the darker shades.