5 Fun Facts About Hair You Never Knew

What are a couple of weird questions you’ve always had about your hair? Is hair dead skin, is that what it’s made of? Does it really grow faster if you trim it often?

There are many misconceptions about hair, and I feel compelled to put an end to the worst of them because hair is a gift. There are many facts about the hair you must know about. It’s the one thing on your body you can play around with, experiment with, and have fun with, but it’s harder to do that if you believe a bunch of silly things about your fabulous follicles.


Interesting Facts On Hair

Many people think that hair is dead skin, and that’s understandable. Your hair, skin, and nails are all connected, in that they’re all made of much the same thing. Your nails, like your hair, only grow a little at a time, and there are things you can eat and drink that will improve all three.

Many of the outdated beliefs attached to your hair can apply to your skin and nails, too. I’m here to focus on your hair, though. You have to take care of it and to do that properly, you need to get familiar with your lovely locks and to know about hair facts.


#1: Hair vs. Skin

Let’s start with this myth: is hair dead skin? Absolutely not. The reason this mistaken belief continues to propagate is no doubt because hair and skin are both made out of keratin, as are nails, hooves, horns, feathers, beaks, and claws. Keratin is a protein structure that’s incredibly sturdy, not to mention fibrous. So, while they share the same components, your dead skin cells have nothing to do with your hair.


#2: Your Hair Is Dead

How morbid is that, right? It’s true, though. Once your hair pokes out of your scalp—or your eyebrows, arms, legs, pits etc—it essentially begins to die. The only living hairs in your body are the ones that haven’t yet emerged from the epidermis.


#3: You’re Born with It

When you’re born, you have all of the hair follicles you’re ever going to have. There’s no way to create more hair follicles. You can’t just make them appear on your scalp. What you’re born with is what you get.


#4: Put Down the Scissors

Trimming your hair regularly will not make it grow faster. You know that hair is not dead skin, and now you need to give up the ghost on this myth. Getting rid of dead ends during your trim will make your hair healthier so it can grow more easily, but it isn’t a miracle hair growth fix.


#5: Make It Black

Believe it or not, black hair is the world’s most common hair color. Red is the rarest; it’s seen in only around one percent of the population—the world population, that is. Although blondes seem plentiful, natural blondes compose just two percent of the world’s population.


You know that hair isn’t dead skin and trimming doesn’t speed up hair growth. What other hair myths have you heard?

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