40 Robust Faded Beard & Hairstyle Ideas for Men

16. Top layer

 faded beard style

We are used to seeing the hair fade from top to bottom but what about a lateral fade? See how the layer on top is very short compared to the rest of the beard. Such neat shaping can be done by a professional barber.


17. Slow fading


Slow fading is a great way to make a stylish modern hairstyle and complement it with a new faded beard style. The drop fade on the back and the simple fade on the front can make you look fabulous!

Stubble Beard Styles


18. Detachable beard


A neat fade makes the hair on your head slowly turn into the hair on your face. However, you can go for a detachable look as you see in the photo. Then you can proceed with fading the beard any way you like.


19. High and special


Once you get a good hang of the fade making, you can go on to all types of experiments. You can make lateral and vertical fades or mix the two. You can get some inspiration from this photo. This one is easy to make for a professional.


20. Patchy fading


Patchy fading might look a little messy, but it’s actually quite hard to achieve. Instead of working with clippers and trimmers, you need to create a partial scissors fade, which can take some time and effort.