40 Robust Faded Beard & Hairstyle Ideas for Men

21. Goatee stubble

 faded Goatee beard style for men

A shaped up stubble ending in a goatee is a great way to style your facial hair. You don’t need to wait too long for such beard style to grow. However, you need to maintain it on a regular basis so it doesn’t lose the shape.


22. Pointed fade


This fade is not obvious since it’s connected to the taper fade on top of the head. However, the connection point between the two is a slight pointy bridge that makes the overall hairstyle look fantastic.


23. Geometry


When you create faded beard styles, you might want to play around with the shape of your facial hair. This style is accessible to men who have thick hair that grows uniformly. You can make geometrical shapes and other designs.


24. Contrast fade

 faded full beard style for men

When you have a full beard a contrast fade is very easy to achieve. You can work with just one small area of your sideburns to create a certain neatness that can smooth down the whole wild beard appearance.


25. Scissors fade


A scissors fade is a beard style which is not easy to achieve on your own. However, the results are truly impressive. You don’t use the trimmer or the clippers to create this style. It’s done solely with the scissors.