35 Best Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair (2020 Guide)

21. Low bouffant hair

Bouffant is a classic formal hairstyle for medium hair that is still a hot trend in 2020.  For this hairstyle, side part your hair and backcomb them low at the back of the head. In the end, round up all your hair into a stylish low bun.


22. Half ponytail

Honey blonde hair is super fabulous and subtle waves running through the mid-length of the hair increase its beauty even more. All there is to do is that you have to take half of your top hair and tie them up into a half ponytail with a scrunchie.


23. Ponytail with fishtail hairdo

This is a two-in-one medium formal hairstyle which requires you to grab all your hair and tie them up in a ponytail at the back of your head. Leave some hair at the front and knit them into a fishtail that goes back to connect with the ponytail.


24. Lob hairdo with messy fishtail

For this hairstyle, part your hair into three parts. Leave the front hair as flicks, weave the hair after that part into a messy fishtail, and lastly, backcomb the back hair. Connect the fishtail with the combed back hair and secure them with pins at the back of the head.


25. Side Ponytail with French Braid

formal hairstyles for women with shoulder-length hair,

French braids are one hairdo that goes well with every experiment you do with your hair. To achieve this hairstyle, divide your hair into two parts.

Weave the first part into a thick French braid and take it to the other side. Connect the braid with the remaining hair at the side to form a side ponytail. Style it with pretty white flowers to complete the look.