35 Best Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair (2020 Guide)

31. Sleek low bun and headpiece

medium formal hairstyles for women

Formal hairstyles for women with medium hair have all the elegance incorporated into one hairdo. For this hairstyle, roll small section of top hair inward.

Take the side hair and combine them with the rest of the hair to form a low inverted bun. Leave a sleek strand of the front flick and finish the hairstyle by pinning a beautiful vine petals headpiece.


32. Graceful half clipped hair

formal hairstyles for women with medium hair

For a graceful look, try this hairstyle at least once. This is a plain but tasteful hairdo which doesn’t require a lot of mess. All there is to do for this hairstyle is to take your top hair and clip them at the back of the head. Leave the rest of the hair down, covering your shoulders and back.


33. Medium beach waves

formal hairstyles for medium hair

A haircut which is low maintenance is always preferable to all the other hairstyles which require tons of styling products. If you want to get this look for your next event, try dyeing your hair a pearl blonde shade. Put beach waves to your hair for an extra-ordinary look.


34. Twisted side ponytail

women's medium formal hairstyle

To appear your very best, you should go for this medium formal hairstyle. To achieve this look, swoop all your hair to one side and divide them into two sections. Start by winding both the sections into a twisted side hairdo and end it by winding a thin thread of hair where the twists end to form a ponytail.


35. Side French braid with rolled hair

formal hairstyles for medium-lengthhair

Side part your hair and you already have a whole new look. To include some extra style, take the hair from one side, weave them into a French braid and secure them at the back of the head. Put some loose curls for texture in the remaining hair hanging at the back.


Now that you know about various formal hairstyles for medium hair, you can stop being upset about your hair length. All you need to do is get some inspiration. We hope these options will allow you to enjoy your hair even more.