20 Hilarious Dog Haircuts To Improve Your Mood

6. Mohawk

cute funniest dog Mohawk haircut

Do you sport a mohawk? Always wanted one but were afraid to do it? Consider creating one for your pt. A mohawk is one of the easies dog haircuts that can be achieved by any owner with the right trimmer at hand.


7. The lion king

funniest dog haircuts 9

Want your dog to look like a lion? There is absolutely no need to give it a haircut? Get a special mane to slip onto your pet and enjoy a lion walking near you on the street. Have fun with the onlookers’ reactions.


8. The magic dragon

dragon look funniest dog hairstyle

Hairy dogs make amazing dragons. These hairstyles are a little more complicated than mohakws and might require professional attention. Ask your dog’s groomer about which dyes are safe to use on animals.


9. Color blast

funniest dog haircuts 11

If your dog has a lion hairstyle, there is no need to keep it old and boring. Add some colors to make your animal truly shine. Any color mix you choose will make your pet look fantastic.


10. Camel

funniest dog haircuts 12

Your own personal camel is waiting for you at home. With the right dog haircut, you can turn a poodle into the king of the desert. Add a nicely fitting costume to complete the image. But don’t expect the dog to wear it long.

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