How to Get Rid of Nose Hair- 4 Easy Way

Everyone needs to know how to get rid of nose hair. Everyone has it. While certain folks are lucky enough to have short, tidy nose hairs that never need to be trimmed, most of us will have to deal with at least a few unruly tendrils, and still others have veritable gardens growing out of their nostrils.

Instead of feeling self-conscious because of something natural, albeit slightly unattractive, just take matters into your own hands. There are way too many hair removal methods available for you to suffer.


Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Nose Hair

Everyone has a theory about how to trim nose hairs. There’s one method I just cannot bring myself to recommend: shaving. Although you can find razors that are designed to fit into your nose, and although people use regular disposal razors in their nostrils (why?!), I can’t.

I just can’t. It’s too risky, and that’s a horrible area to get a cut. That’s okay, though. I’m not limiting your choices; I promise. As long as you pay attention to the following video tutorials, you can neatly and safely eradicate your nose hair.


#1: Use a Trimmer

Using a trimmer is one of the safest, easiest ways to get rid of nose hair. You can’t cut yourself, you get a short crop, and the tool is made to slide cozily into your nostril. Just make sure that you cut your hairs while you’re standing over the sink or a trashcan.

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#2: Get Your Nostrils Waxed

Well, you can wax everything else. It makes sense that you can wax your nose hairs, too. In fact, there are waxing kits designed for noses, with neat little applicators that slide straight into your nose. The first time or two, however, it’s smart to have it done professionally. Yes, it is going to hurt. Sorry, pal.


#3: Don’t Pluck It

Plucking your nose hairs is horrible. It hurts with the fiery pain of a thousand suns. Your nose will sting, your eyes will water, and you’ll feel like you have to sneeze. All the same, it’s ideal for getting rid of one or two unruly hairs. You’ll just hate it.


#4: Small Scissors, Steady Hand

Scissors are a preferred method to get rid of nose hair. I find this technique unnerving, but then, I don’t have steady hands. As you can see, it goes more smoothly if you trim your nose hairs in front of a magnifying mirror in a well-lit area.

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Do you know how to get rid of nose hairs in a way not mentioned here? It’s tempting just to let those suckers grow; they’re such a PITA to cut.

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