How to Get Rid of Static Hair

Winter is coming, and it’s the worst season for static, but you need to know how to get rid of static hair during any time of year.

Nothing ruins your day quite like static cling. It’s bad enough that it can make your dress stick to your stockings in awkward positions. The havoc wreaks on your coiffure is even worse.

Static hair leaves you looking like a mad scientist, or as if you just stuck your finger in a light socket. You want to put forth an electrifying aesthetic; you don’t want to look as though you’ve genuinely been electrified. Stop the terror of static hair now. Don’t let it claim another victim.


How to Get Rid of Static Hair

It’s essential to have an arsenal full of weaponry in your quest to figure out how to get rid of static hair. One method just won’t cut it because static is clever as well as clingy.

Your go-to technique might stop working one day, even if it’s only a temporary failure. Make sure you have a couple of ways to calm the cling. You can get started with the list below.

#1: The Dry Sheet Trick

 curly with Static Hairstyle

Everybody who knows how to get rid of static in hair recommends the dryer sheet trick. After all, dryer sheets are specifically designed to eliminate static in your clothes. In addition to using them in the dryer anytime you dry your clothes, you can rub a sheet over your hairbrush or comb. However, you can also run a sheet over your hair, which will calm any flyaways. Between use, you can even wrap the sheets around your brushes and combs.

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#2: A Little Lotion

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In a pinch, hand lotion can bring static under control. Because it’s lotion, you don’t want to use a lot—you can’t, unless you want to walk around with greasy hair. Place a small amount of moisturizer in your palm, rub it into your hands almost entirely, then run your palms and fingers over your hair.


#3: Spray It

A spritz of hairspray is abundantly helpful in dealing with static in your hair. The key is to spray your hair before you dry it. Towel dry it a little, until it’s damp, then spray on a decent amount of the spray and brush your hair. By the time it dries all the way, the static won’t even have a chance.


#4: A Better Brush

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Want to remove static hair for good? Change your styling tools. You don’t have to replace your straightener or blow dryer (although an ionic dryer will banish static electricity in no time), but you should buy new brushes and combs

A brush with natural bristles doesn’t invite static. Opt for combs that are made of rubber or metal rather than plastic, which causes extra static.


#5: Try a New Conditioner

Conditioning your hair regularly will help with static anyway, but you might have to experiment with different cream rinses to find what works since some of them actually make static worse. Of course, you could just pick out a conditioner with a silicone base in the first place, given that they coat each strand of hair, which should then neutralize any of the electric charges responsible for static.

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Do you know how to get rid of static in hair using any other methods? Please share them!