50 Glamorous Hairstyles for Women Over 50

#11: Short Back with Long Bangs

Short Back with Long Bangs haircuts adult woman

Another hairstyle that will perfectly emphasize on your facial features and joyful spirit is the short back cut with long bangs on both sides. It really does have a Hollywood hairstyle worth and you deserve to try it.


#12: Flipped Edges

Hairstyles for Women over fifty age

This is another super popular hairstyle for women over 50. Flipped edges bring freshness and quirkiness to your appearance. It is a great way to keep an energetic and classy look at the same time.


#13: Long and Straight


Who is not crazy about Diem Moore’s brilliant look? Even though she is over 50 she is still playing with her appearance from head to toe. Her long flat hair is a goal many young girls have and being able to pull it off as a mature woman is truly a sign of excellence.


#14: Long Layers

Hairstyles for Women 14

The Queen of Pop definitely knows how to look stunning and has chosen a long layers hairstyle, which is very suitable for older women who are not ready lose the glamorous high fashion look.


#15: The Shag

Hairstyles for Women 15

Jane Fonda has made the modern shag one of the most chosen hairstyles for women after 50. When Jane first appeared with it looked different and trendy. Today it is a classic example of a beautiful mature woman’s hairstyle.


#16: Bombshell Blowout

Hairstyles for Women 16

The absolute iconic hairstyle for older women adopted by politicians, actresses, TV presenters, and other influential figures is the bombshell blowout. It is chic and classy and would make you feel like a superstar.


#17:  Side-parted Wave

side-parted wave haircut for women over 50 age

A fine lady like Nicole Kidman will surely pick a hairstyle that fits her class and personality. The side-parted wave looks very simple but is full of character and stunning beauty.


#18: Highlighted Tendrils

Highlighted Tendrils

Highlighted tendrils is a perfect hairstyle for more voluptuous women. It is cute and playful and fine highlights make it very interesting, especially under sunlight. America’s most loved TV personality Oprah Winfrey is proudly rocking the look.


#19: Long Shag

Long Shag hairstyle

The long shag was popular in some part of the 80s and a few years ago some versions of it were adopted by teenagers all over the world. Jennifer Garner, however, makes it look amazing on women in their 50s.


#20: Mane

the mane haircut perfect for women over fifty

The mane is a fantastic hairstyle for mature women because it comes in many variations but it brings class, edge, and glam all in one. It is a popular choice for public figures, singers and even aristocrats.

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