12 Glamorous Short Hairstyles Using Bandanas

A Bandana can help your short hair look cool and unique. Women with short hair often complain about the lack of hairstyles and that’s where the accessories come in. There are many different hairstyles with bandanas for short hair that can diversify your image and make you look young and stylish. The interesting effect of a bandana is that it automatically makes you look more youthful. That’s why women over 40 will especially appreciate such hairstyles. There are many different bandanas out there for your use. There are also many ways you can wear them. There is a bandana out there to suit any occasion and a bandana hairstyle to conquer your heart.


Best Hairstyles with Bandanas for Short Hair

The variety of hairstyles with bandanas for short hair depends on your imagination. If you are looking for new ways to wear and style your bandana, we are offering you a new collection of 12 bandana hairstyles that can help you with your new image. Your first step would be to go and buy several bandanas that you like. Make sure to choose the colors that suit your wardrobe. As soon as you purchase at least 3 bandanas, you can start the fun experiments. There are bandana hairstyles for short hair for every day of the week and every season.


1. Beehive and Bandana

Beehive Hairstyles with Bandanas for women

If you have a simple pixie, you can use a bandana to create some volume and a resemblance of beehive hairstyle. You will need to tie the bandana around your head and pull it up and backward with the hair.


2. Top tie


This is a great short hairstyle using a bandana that can keep your bangs out of your face. You’ll need to brush the bangs backward and secure them with a wide bandana. The tie on top gives it an extra oomph.

3. Large bow bandana

Large bow hairstyle with bandanas

If you are looking for extravagant options and have already arranged your short hair into something extraordinary, add some beauty to the hairstyle by tying a large bandana into a bow.


4. Asymmetrical tie

Asymmetrical tie bandanas hairstyle you like

Asymmetry is conquering the fashion world and you can achieve it just by tying a bandana on one side. While an asymmetrical short hairstyle is not always appealing, such bandana arrangement is perfect.


5. Hide it


If you are tired of making a statement with women’s mohawk or an undercut, you can use a bandana to hide it. Bandanas can turn you out of the ordinary style into something softer and more mainstream.


6. The accessory

hairstyle with bandans accessory

Hairstyles with bandanas vary greatly. The bandana shouldn’t always serve some hair tying purpose. It can just be a pretty accessory. Learn how to make a classic bandana tie and enjoy it.


7. Kerchief

Kerchief bandans hairstyle

You can use the bandana to cover most of your hair. This is a great option for sunny days or cooking sessions. Another opportunity to use a bandana this way is when you don’t have time to wash your hair.


8. Messy arrangement

Messy arrangement hairstyle with bandanas

Bandana hairstyles for short hair don’t always need to be neat. If you are into messy and windblown styles, you can arrange your bandana in a way to mess up your locks even more.


9. Scrunchie replacement

color full bandanas hairstyle for women

Some types of bandanas can be used as a colorful scrunchie replacement. Tie your hair with an elastic band and arrange the bandana around it to make an appearance of a bright bow.

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10. Military style


You can use the bandana to cover a part of your head including the forehead. This military style is appealing to the girls who want to either hide a hairstyle or save their heads from the burning sun.


11. Make it short


You can use hairstyles with bandanas to change a long haircut into a short one within minutes. Lifting your long locks up and arranging them under a bandana will make an appearance of short hair.


12. A perfect match


Most bandanas are created not to hold your locks or save you from sunburn. They are made to become a great accessory to match your wardrobe. Buy a few to suit your dresses, jeans, shirts, and skirts.


Bandana hairstyles with short hair are easy to make and are fun to play around with. They are a great way to change your image without any hair cutting or dyeing. Every girl with short or long hair should have a bandana in her beauty arsenal.