35 Outrageous Gothic Hairstyles – Go Insane With Style

11. Synthetic braids

Synthetic braids with gothic hairstyle

This cyber goth look is easily achieved by braiding in synthetic extensions to your natural hair. The more voluminous the extensions are, the more impressive the overall gothic hairstyle will be.


12. Dark angel wings

Dark angel

A neat Chicago-style short bob is complimented by feathery wings of a dark gothic angel. All you have to do is make to ponytails and feather them up with some static electricity. A piece of cake!


13. Crazy accessories

 Crazy Gothic Hairstyles for women

Gothic hairstyles often come with some crazy accessories. You don’t need to do anything outrageous to the hair itself, just leave enough space to braid in or attach some crazy things, for example, horns.

Short Haircuts and Styles With Thick Hair


14. Burgundy asymmetry


Eye-covering bangs, violet and black hues coupled with asymmetry create an exciting hairstyle which is worthy of a an ugly goth as well as a vampire one. Take your pick.


15. Devilish style

 gothic hairstyles with Devilish style

Regardless of the color of your hair, you can create a short hairstyle that will look truly devilish. In reality, it’s just a short pixie with short bangs and asymmetrical strands on the sides and one strand hanging down the forehead.