35 Outrageous Gothic Hairstyles – Go Insane With Style

31. Volumized Mess

If you want to create an easy-to-make and low-maintenance gothic style, this messy hair look is a perfect option. This style is ideal for curly or wavy hair with a messy texture.

All you need to do is leave your curls open, loose and messy. You can blow-dry the hair to add more volume and dimension to the curls. Use a hair spray to hold the mess!


32. Green Undercut

Seafoam green ombre hair with the black base might look bold. Combine this hairdo with an undercut and you’ll look even bolder. No need for extra dark eye makeup or lipstick. However, pale skin will accentuate the hair color. Carry this mysterious hairstyle and see everyone’s eyes turn towards you.


33. Colored Feathers

A colorful feather cut for a goth hairstyle looks mysteriously amazing. Make sure you use a pallet of bold and funky colors like orange, green and yellow.

Alternate these colors with sections of jet-black hair in between and see the style do its wonders. You can get an angled bob cut for an added effect. These bold colors will go really well with a jet black outfit.


34. Dragon hair

punky goth hair

Yellow dragon hair makes the boldest gothic look. Medium length hair dyed with fiery yellow and curtain fringes gives a punk-gothic look. Use grey eye lenses to accentuate the hair color. Metal piercings, winged eyeliner, and black shirt; what a deadly combination!


35. Harley Quinn hair

goth hairstyles

The comic nerd, Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad has given us the ideal goth hair trend. Alternation pink and blue hair with dark red lipstick looks crazy and colorful. Get blue and pink ombre on blonde base hair.

Make a center part and tie your hair into messy ponytails on each side. A bold golden Harley Quinn choker with “PUDDIN” written in metal creates additional pomp.


Gothic hairstyles vary greatly. We hope these choices allowed you to review your ideas about gothic hair and gave you a good inspiration to make a statement. Good luck!