7 Secrets That Work to Grow Black Hair Long

Have you ever looked at a woman who has grown her black hair long and wondered how she did it? As an African-American female, you may think that your hair is too coarse and too fragile to grow long lengths, but this is not true. Growing black hair long is notoriously difficult, but with the right tools and by taking care to look after your hair properly it is possible.


Can All Black Hair Grow Long?

Many black women believe that their hair doesn’t grow, but this is a myth. Everyone’s hair grows but, unfortunately, black hair is more prone to breakage and damage which can make it appear that it isn’t growing. The key to growing your black hair long, then, is to prevent the breakages and protect your hair to encourage growth.

There is no quick fix for growing your black hair long, but with time and determination. But, you also should apply some tips that’ll help you achieve the long healthy black hair every woman wish for.


Tips to Get a Long and Healthy Black Hair

long black hair tips

Ready to have the long hair you’ve always wanted? Here are 7 tips that can help you grow a really long and healthy hair:


1. Treat Your Hair Gently

If you want to grow your black hair long then it’s important that you handle it with care. Rough handling, braiding, over processing with products such as relaxants and using the wrong kinds of styling products can all cause hair damage and breakage. If your hair is breaking on a daily basis then you’ll never be able to counter this by growing length, so treating your hair gently is essential.


2. Enjoy a Collagen-Rich Diet

Brightly colored fruits such as kiwis, oranges and mangos not only taste delicious, they are also rich in vitamin C and collagen which are both essential to hair strength. Eat a fruit salad or smoothie every day and you’ll soon notice that your hair feels thicker and stronger, which means you’re less likely to damage it if you choose to relax it to increase its length.


3. Moisturize Your Hair Well in Winter

If you want to grow your black hair long then you must ensure it remains in great condition, particularly during the winter months., otherwise it will have a tendency to become dry and frizzy.  The easiest way to maintain moisture-rich hair with a protective barrier is to use a leave-in condition every day. You should also protect your hair by covering it with a hat or a scarf when walking outside in minus temperatures.

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4. Embrace Your Hair’s Natural Shape

 Natural long curly black hairstyle

Your long black hair doesn’t have to hang down the length of your face, and you don’t have to relax it to show it off. Embrace the natural shape of your long black hair: use a scalp nourishing serum to encourage its natural growth and to ensure it looks as fresh and healthy as possible.


5. Strengthen Your Hair With a Daily Vitamin

Strong hair starts from the inside, as well as from the outside. If you are taking care of your hair but it keeps breaking, then why not try taking a daily vitamin designed specifically to encourage hair growth? Because real beauty starts from within.


6. Use the Right Tools

If you want to encourage your black hair to grow long without breakage and damage then its important that you are using the right tools. Avoid using plastic combs and brushes, as these are harsh and will damage your hair. Instead, opt for gentler boar bristle brushes, and only brush your hair when it is needed: the less you can brush through your hair the stronger it will be.


7. Emphasize Your Natural Shine

natural black color long hairstyle

Finally, if you feel your long black hair looks dull and struggles to retain its shine as it grows out then don’t be afraid to use products to inject shine into your hair. Use a shine serum or shine spray on a daily basis, and apply a moisture-rich intensive conditioning serum on a weekly basis to encourage your hair’s natural sheen to shine through.

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